5 Best Supplements for Immune System Boost vs. Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The pandemic of the coronavirus COVID -19 has swept the whole world and people are trying in vain to find at least some medicine or vaccine for it.

But the attack of this disease was a real surprise for humanity. But you do not need to think that you and I have no protection from it. Our immune system is a powerful resistance mechanism to any viruses, including this one.

The peculiarity of this virus is that we simply do not know how to deal with it medically. No medicine in the world can give an answer. Moreover, the action of the virus is such that it tests the immunity of each individual person who enters it for strength.

At-risk are older people over 60, especially those who have diabetes or other chronic diseases. But according to world statistics, many people even over 80 cope with the disease and all this is due to good strong immunity.

We began to forget about the most important mechanism for maintaining health and resisting any possible diseases. We do not pay attention to him, we depress him with our lifestyle, we make our body grow old when young.

We are used to the fact that immunity is a matter of course. We make worm tea with lemon and honey, lay down at home in bed, and now in a week or a maximum of two – you are already on your feet. But this is also a virus that is caused by an infection in the body.

With such simple infections, our immunity copes quite quickly, even if it is weak. But what to do if your immune system encounters an infection of unprecedented power that can cause bilateral non-harmony, take away all your strength and even lead to death.

What happens as a disease attacks?

The virus enters the cell and inside begins to divide, infecting the cell completely, so happens with each of them, your immunity, if it produces strong antibodies and copes with the spread of the virus and its consequences.

But if the immunity is weakened, then it begins to elicit too many antibodies, which begin to attack your entire body, all organs indiscriminately, and it simply burns down. Failure occurs only when the immune system is weak.

It turns out – the only effective way to cope with coronavirus is only with your own immunity. And most importantly – you have the opportunity to strengthen it by starting to act today.

What does he need? How much time do I have? Is it possible to strengthen the immune system so that the disease recedes with as few complications as possible and as quickly as possible?

These questions concern each of us today, we want to somehow help our immunity because it remains one on one and the virus and the strongest wins in this fight. According to statistics, the death rate in the world from this disease is about 5%.

The disease is difficult and its duration varies from person to person.

In the news tell us how many people are infected with coronavirus today (at the time of this writing, April 8, 2020 was 1 300 000 cases), but recovered and how many died. But, for some reason, they do not tell us the average duration of the disease.

We simply do not have such data, because the virus infects each organism with different strengths and from the moment of illness to the moment of recovery it can take 3 weeks or more.

So, now let’s talk about how much time you have to prepare your immunity

It all depends on how exactly you will strengthen the immune system. What does he need:

  • Proper nutritional balance in which fresh vegetables, fruits, proteins, fats, carbohydrates are present
  • Physical Fitness – Your Regular Sports Exercise
  • Healthy sleep, in which the body sleeps well
  • Balanced Nervous System. It is necessary to exclude stress, overwork
  • Get rid of chronic diseases or at least treat them
  • Get rid of all possible bad habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol
  • Get rid of the excess weight that depresses your immune system
  • Rejuvenate your body by restoring your hormones (hormone testosterone, Human Growth Hormone )
  • You should stop drinking coffee or tea altogether, as they dehydrate the body and have a bad effect on the nervous system.

So, you will not leave this list anywhere, study it carefully and begin to act.

The fastest way to strengthen the immune system is to use the best natural dietary supplements that contain a daily norm of vitamins and minerals. The peculiarity of these complexes is that they accelerate all processes to strengthen immunity due to a powerful dose of all that is necessary for him. In this case, in the case of using proven dietary supplements, such as Immune Defense, Immune Support, your immunity is really able to strengthen and strengthen in an accelerated format.

Self-isolation and quarantine – this is what will give you time or take away the disease

So, if you are going to strengthen immunity, you first need to adhere to the rules of quarantine and not let the disease in you. Many of us have urgent matters that force us to leave our apartment or house, this increases the risks of our morbidity.

Therefore, know that you cannot risk your health, even the most important and urgent matters can wait when it comes to a possible coronavirus disease.

Be that as it may, this is a disease that occurs in the body that squeezes almost all its forces out of it. If you manage to survive, it’s all the same

Vitamins and minerals that your immunity needs

So, first of all, I want to say about vitamin E, which plays an important role in strengthening human immunity. It is a powerful antioxidant and, if synthesized, for example, in Immune Support tablets in the right proportions, it can positively affect the immunity of an aging person.

In tandem with vitamin E, green tea can work. But this is not a drink that you can make at home even from tea leaves, but synthesized green tea, which is part of the immune complexes, such as Immune Support . It is also an antioxidant and can quickly strengthen the immune system.

Beta Glucans and Graviola

Another tandem for the human immune system. Beta-glucans are needed by your immune system like air, as they are a kind of polysaccharides that can fight infections. At the same time, Graviola leaves work effectively together with beta-glucans and, according to the studies, powerfully supports the immune system, making it resistant to the fight against viruses.

Panic and buying garlic, lemons, honey and everything that somehow has something to do with vitamin C

So, traditional medicine has always noted the need to treat colds and infectious diseases with vitamin C, but when it comes to strengthening immunity here and now, eating lemons with hot green tea in the bite with tablespoons of honey is not what can protect you now. In principle, the use of vitamin C should be a good practice in your life and not only during the period of illness.

But when we talk about the urgent preparation of immunity to fight against coronavirus infection, we must talk about various extracts, such as rosehip or citric acid. You can’t simply buy these products at a supermarket or pharmacy.

In addition to well-known products that can strengthen the immune system, for example, Shiitake, Maitake and Reishi mushrooms can be mentioned.

The potential of these antioxidants cannot be overestimated. Extracts of these mushrooms can be found in immune complexes such as Immune Support. But, again, official medicine does not include these products in the list of immunosuppressive drugs, although their effectiveness has been proven by many clinical studies.

This practice of contradictions between official and non-official medicine, when the first already creates products that work, and the second recognizes the fact that the ingredients are effective, but is in no hurry to approve the additives that use them, is commonplace.

Our body is constantly struggling with attacks of various pathogenic organisms and it is very important to arm the immune system with a full arsenal of important trace elements, without which you can not defeat the coronavirus.

Let’s look at other immune boost supplements, the main task of which is powerful support of immunity in the short term. One of the newest drugs today is the Immune Defense complex.

It contains zinc, a powerful dose of vitamin C in the form in which it is most rapidly absorbed by the body and is aimed at supporting the functioning of the immune system. Also in the formula are Vitamin A and E.

Inside the bio-supplemented bottle are candies that can be sucked every two hours. A shock dose of vitamins immediately supports the body’s fight against infection, and also sends the necessary trace elements in the right amount to your body, which is weakening from the disease.

An important benefit of taking Immune Defense is to reduce the duration of the course of the disease. The body copes with the infection much faster and recovers, because you support it with all the necessary arsenal of vitamins.

Important! Reception Immune Defense is recommended for all members of your family. The risk group is the elderly and those who have chronic diseases, while we know that absolutely everyone is affected by COVID -19. Therefore, strong and strong immunity must be maintained in every member of your family.

Why can people with chronic illnesses and those over 60 find it difficult to transfer COVID -19?

The thing is that it is precisely these people who have weakened immunity. Chronic diseases exhaust him and during the peak periods of the disease your body experiences tremendous stress, the immune system can not cope with the load. Coronavirus is hit in the most painful places, it takes advantage of your weakness to disarm the immune system.

People aged aggravate chronic diseases and there are new problems, pains, stress. Aging cells in the body automatically lead to a decrease in their resistance to infections. When a person ages, this is visible not only by external signs (loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles, loss of teeth, hair, weakening of the nail plate). Internal organs are also aging, all body functions inevitably worsen.

Is it impossible to stop, slow down or reverse? I hasten to assure you that aging can be stopped, of course, partially, but still. I want to strengthen the immune system, because so many people in their ages recover from the coronavirus, some even at the age of 80, and the sensation in the world was the recovery of a person who was over 100 years old.

How is this possible? When the body ages, the content of Human Growth Hormone drops in its blood . Few people know and understand that cell aging directly depends on the content of this hormone in the body.

Complexes such as GenF20 , which consist of tablets and a special oral spray, are methods to restore normal levels of HGH in the body, thereby stopping or slowing down the aging process. The skin becomes more elastic, the nail plate strengthens, the hair stops falling out, or this process slows down, smoothes or new wrinkles cease to appear, sexual energy returns. Well, and most importantly – immunity is strengthened.

You understood correctly, our immunity is aging with us, you can try to stock up on vitamins and toss a fire into the firebox when the locomotive travels at full speed working for wear. Or you can just become younger – inside and out.

The whole secret is that young immunity has much more ability and strength to resist coronavirus. Accordingly, the use of the GenF 20 product becomes key in strengthening the body’s functions that can resist infection.

Of course, you are tormented by many questions now – how long do I need to take immune boosting supplements to maintain HGH , how can this help me now, when the disease is already literally at my door or already knocking on them?

I hasten to answer these questions – you need to start taking GenF 20 as soon as possible and, believe me, its action is rapidly fast due to the ability to take pills and use an oral spray. The first results occur in the body in the first days of admission. In addition to vitamin complexes, GenF 20 can be used as an addition to the formation of strong immunity.

If earlier, people aged could come to terms with the fact that they are aging and simply suffer from it, not knowing about HGH growth supplements , now it is important to use every opportunity to stop aging both externally and internally using the achievements of modern medicine.

You do not need to get a prescription from a doctor to purchase GenF20 , you do not need to leave home to look for it in pharmacies. Simply order it online at www.genf 20. com

This is a truly terrible infection that spares no one , can leave no chance for those who have not prepared and got COVID -1 9.

We have 2 opportunities to protect ourselves from the virus, as many as 2 – to isolate ourselves from society so as not to pick up the virus, and the second – to strengthen our immunity to resist a possible disease.

Who says that we are powerless against this virus? Nature has provided us with everything necessary to fight almost any infection. And coronavirus is precisely an infectious disease that can occur in mild or severe form.

What does it mean? Why do some people tolerate the disease easily, while others are very difficult. There are still others who cannot cope with the infection and die. COVID -19 is a ruthless flu, and people with strong immunity, and these are mainly young people without chronic illnesses, people who play sports or just monitor their diet to make it complete, sleep well and do not experience long and strong stress.

If you use the best supplement for the immune system boost, you have the opportunity to build a reliable shield for your immunity.

How not to confuse coronavirus with a cold or other viral infection?

Today’s fear of coronavirus is caused by the fact that it is sometimes difficult to recognize the symptoms of COVID -1 9. Understand that in the era of coronavirus, other infectious diseases did not cease to exist. People continue to pick up other viruses, they are also sick. At the same time, this terrible infection was added to ordinary diseases.

Our immunity can create antibodies against coronavirus and that is how it can defeat it in the same way as it can defeat any other infection. Coronavirus has its characteristic symptoms that can be recognized:

  • sore throat
  • fever
  • dry cough
  • loss of taste
  • terrible weakness

These are all the first symptoms that make it possible to identify illness at an early stage. If you have anything of the kind right now – this is an occasion to pass the test. They are of two types – express test and laboratory test. It is important to go through both to know for sure whether you have a disease or not.

Coronavirus is insidious precisely with its complications, the disease can develop rapidly, everything can change every hour. Just a few days ago, a man was healthy and now he has bilateral pneumonia and needs a lung support device.

Doctors note that patients with coronavirus can quickly move from the “stable” stage to the “critical” stage and end up in intensive care, where doctors are already beginning to fight for his life.

What determines the course of this disease? Exclusively from immunity, you can get coronavirus and not experience serious consequences. In some people, this disease can generally go away almost asymptomatically. In this case, it is still very important to determine the fact of the disease COVID-19, to isolate and not infect other people.

Vitamin Complexes

So, there is nothing easier than buying a comprehensive set of vitamins, where there is a full range of vitamins. They took it – and let the body understand what it needs and what doesn’t.

This approach has no specific meaning – strengthening the immune system. Each person has their own needs for specific vitamins and minerals. And in many ways, their list and quantity are determined by our DNA code.

I would like to talk about Rootine Vitamins , which can be called truly innovative. They are created in the laboratory according to all quality standards, what is special about them? It is these vitamin complexes that are selected individually after passing a special DNA test. Your genetic code in many respects determines the set of vitamin complexes that will work effectively and quickly for you, it will strengthen your immunity. And such a personalized choice provides 100% matching needs. Rootine Vitamins’ selected complex of vitamins covers everything that your body and your immune system need.

It’s simple – you can upload your blood test data to your profile on rootvitamins . com and by this information, a list of the necessary vitamins that your body needs will be determined .

After creating your profile and adding information about your age, your diet and other parameters, the company’s specialists determine the necessary complex from the Rootvitamins assortment .

This is not just a service, it is not just vitamin manufacturers according to ISO 9001, 15189, 22 000 standards . This is a company that specifically sells a personalized complex of vitamins that will effectively strengthen your immune system now.

Why is it important?

We are used to the fact that vitamins are some simple definition, we do not pay attention to the fact that vitamin complexes sold in a pharmacy do not meet the immunity requirements of your body.

When it comes time to quickly strengthen your immunity, you need to know what vitamins and in what quantity you need to take. You can go to the laboratory and take a blood test, go to a nutritionist, therapist and get some advice. As a result of all this enormous work, you will not be given a clear answer to what spectrum of vitamins you need now.

This specializes in the special company Rootine Vitamins , which really helps with the very specific task of selecting effective vitamins for the immune system and your health.

I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the information on the site and purchase the necessary vitamin complex online after filling out your profile. So you will know for sure that these vitamins will really help you recover faster and prepare for a possible viral infection, be it a coronavirus or other infectious disease.

What do you need to know about human immunity and physical activity?

Of course, only taking immune supplements and vitamins, you will not be able to fully, fully prepare your immunity. Doctor of the Mark Moyad , Director of Preventive and Alternative Medicine at the University of Michigan Medical Center, claims that physical activity causes your antibodies and red blood cells to move more actively. In turn, this allows you to find and neutralize viruses much more efficiently.

In addition, physical activity allows you to lower the level of stress hormones in the body, which also increases your chances of staying healthy.

Another study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, in which more than a thousand people took part, proved that those people who regularly exercise are 50% less at risk of catching an infectious disease or their symptoms become less dangerous.

The whole problem with coronavirus is the serious consequences, the severe viral load on the body and immunity. When taking supplements for immunity boost, remember this may not be enough.

Now it’s quarantined, the time to stay at home, the time when you can practice and train at home. Many courses are available online, there are ready-made applications on your mobile phone that will help you get started in an easy way.

At the same time, your chances of strengthening immunity are increasing, and this is the most important thing today. Harness the maximum for explosive immunity support:

  • Choose a complex of vitamins for yourself or use ready-made powerful complexes, such as Immune Support , Immune Defense
  • Start rejuvenating your immunity, health and body functions in general with GenF20
  • Think over your complex diet, diet if necessary. Remember that your body should fully receive everything necessary to strengthen immunity – vegetables, fruits, natural fats, protein, carbohydrates, zinc and the whole spectrum of necessary vitamins. If you are a vegetarian, think of a vegan diet that is rich in fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Proper sleep – strengthens your immune system, and faster than you think
  • Your energy state is primary. Remember the positive mood, recharge with a good mood, get rid of false fears, stop watching the news from morning tonight. Remember that your mind is being manipulated, stay free, don’t project everything you see on TV, distract yourself, read books about health, immunity, allow yourself to relax at least once a day

More Weapons to Fight Viruses – Curcumin 2000

Not many of us were previously interested in immunostimulating dietary supplements, vitamins, but everything is changing. Today, ignorance and unwillingness to engage in their immunity can cost lives. This should be especially true for people at risk, as they are called. Those. elderly people, as well as those who suffer from chronic diseases.

But in fact, each of us is at risk if you know that your health usually leaves much to be desired. Constant colds, inflammation, headaches, problems with blood pressure – these are just a few beacons for you that should signal your poor health.

You simply do not have the right to sit back and wait for the coronavirus to knock on your door and you just open them, allow infections and surrender to this incredibly strong infection, which requires titanic efforts from your immunity to overcome the disease and its consequences.

Time to learn about another powerful immunity supplement called Curcumin 2000 . This is not an advertising name; it reflects the essence. You can increase your blood curcumin by 2,000% with this product.

You need to know that curcumin is very important in the fight against inflammatory processes in your body. Its antivirus properties are incredible. In combination with an absorbent, curcumin extract in the Curcumin 2000 complex form overshadow any curcumin bioadditives on the market. The bioavailability of this product is 42,000 mg.

We practically cannot replace the synthesized curcumin in sufficient quantities to affect the protective properties of the body. That is why taking Curcumin 2000 is your first aid to the immune system, which is preparing to repel the most inexplicable infection of our time – coronavirus.

What is the peculiarity of curcumin:

  • It normalizes the functioning of the immune system
  • Enhances the antiviral activity of the body
  • Thanks to its action, an anti-inflammatory response is formed in the body
  • It helps muscles and joints stay active.
  • Helps to get the best effect from training. This is especially important if your physical activity is minimal today.

Curcumin 2000 is recommended only for those people who begin to lead a healthy lifestyle. Those. it is a kind of stimulator of the processes of healing the body that you start with the help of diet and physical activity.

He works in tandem with your desire to become healthy. It is not suitable for those people who just want to drink pills and recover. Not only does this not work in principle , Curcumin 2000 encourages you to be active.

Today, this is the best immune boosting supplement. It is sold online and you do not need a recipe to buy it. It consists exclusively of natural ingredients, which means that it has no side effects. You can buy it on the official website.

Be active – or the infection will make you regret your indifference to your health.

Sounds very cruel and undemocratic, right? But the reality is what it is. Back in March 2020, we regretted watching the Wuhan Province of China, where the coronavirus pandemic began, and a month later 1 million people fell ill in the world and this figure continues to grow.

Now is the time to become strong, the time to think about your health, the time to maintain immunity. You need to act right now or put up with your fate – to suffer a serious illness or even die.

If you are not afraid to get coronavirus, you need to think about people close to you, especially the elderly. Think about whether you did everything for them to be healthy.

Quarantine is a great opportunity to prevent COVID -19 infection , but there is no guarantee that this infection will not get to you. Especially if everyone around you gets sick and this virus is just everywhere.

You can’t panic, you can’t even be nervous and stressful. The virus will pass — it’s true, and it can happen faster than you think, in many countries the peak of the epidemic has already passed, but in many countries it has not even arrived, and there are already so many sick people, and the worst thing is that the number of deaths is growing.

But you should look at the statistics of the recovered. There is a lot of information about which people are recovering, which helps them easier to endure the disease.

The only thing these people regret is that they did not take up their immunity in time, because then everything could have gone much easier. Remember – this disease is a crazy test for your immunity and overall health.

When you recover and survive, you accomplish a feat, but it may take many months for your body to recover. Strong immunity helps him not only easily survive the disease, but also quickly recover from it.

Quick tips to strengthen your immunity

Of course, you should try to strengthen the protective functions of your body as soon as possible and here already prepared vitamin complexes and the best immune boost supplements like Immune Support , Immune Defense , GenF 20, Curcumin 2000 will be a strong basis for strengthening immunity, but besides this I am ready to give you some important tips from specialists who can be implemented right now and get fast results:

  1. Mediterranean diet

Dr. Yufang Lin, Of the Center of
Integrative Medicine AT the
Cleaveland Clinic argues ,
that people in the age from 65 to 79 years , ie . e . of group risk coronavirus infection is the best suited Mediterranean diet, which is rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, natural fats, which are found in fish, nuts and olive oil.

Foods high in vitamin C and zinc help fight infections in the body and recover faster. According to his statements, in Liu Dei , who are actively taking supplements to strengthen the immune system and, at the same time, adhere to this diet on a regular basis there is an increasing number of T – cells , which can fight off infections. Details of this study can be found here.

  1. Limit Meat Eating

Doctors say that for a strong immune system, it is necessary to completely abandon fried meat. It is much better to include fermented foods such as yogurts, kefir instead. They are perfectly absorbed and help indigestion.

  1. Get rid of constant stress to become healthy

Doctors, psychologists draw a connection between the nervous system of a person and his immunity. Chronic stress is simply unacceptable in matters of health, and in particular – immunity.

Today, people, due to their work, relationships in the family, and the dynamic rhythm of life, experience constant stress and do not pay any attention to it. Now quarantine, time to stay at home, take care of yourself and this is the best opportunity to improve your mental health.

The best advice here is to do yoga, reiki, meditation, read literature on relationships in the family, on how to get rid of stress and prevent it. And this is not just reading for your entertainment or pastime, it is the most important task to strengthen your immunity.

You paid attention to the fact that people with a smile on their faces, who are often in a good mood, optimists are less sick, less concerned about the problems that others cause nervous breakdowns. We often envy these people, although we can article them.

According to a study published by the National Academy of Sciences, 276 people were exposed to the common cold virus. Then they were monitored for 5 days in quarantine.

Among those people who had stress, the appearance of cytokines was detected. That’s what causes the molecules to cause inflammation. And among the tested, it was found that with the appearance of these molecules, the probability of contracting the virus grew by 50%.

It was also found that people in a stressful state eat worse, sleepless and ignore other important rituals to take care of their health.

  1. Sleep is an essential catalyst for the functioning of the immune system.

Moreover, let’s launch this mechanism right now, you can instantly restart your immunity so that it starts to work as before. Again, those stress hormones that your body produces during wakefulness, such as cortisol, can seriously inhibit immunity.

But a dream can 4 times strengthen your immune system, getting rid of stress hormones. How much sleep do you need? Ideally – 8 hours, according to this study, which was published back in 2015 in the journal “Dream”.

5. Dietary supplements – as a strong strategy

In the reputable British Medical Journal, the results of testing 25 dietary supplements were published, it was proved that taking supplements can significantly enhance immunity.

Various herbal extracts that are used in the bio-fertilizers Immune Defense, Immune Support,
Curcumin 2000 (turmeric, garlic, green tea, Graviola leaves, etc.) have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Many doctors claim that eating plants and vegetables is a real cure, if combined into a single natural complex, you will get a powerful stimulator of the immune system.

Dr. Allan Skyler

Dr. Allan Skyler

Dr. Allan is a urologist in Los Angeles. He received his medical degree from Creighton University School of Medicine. Contact me drallanskyller@gmail.com