8 Best Hair Loss Supplements That Outrank Other Products

The Main Causes of Hair Loss and Methods for Their Recovery

Today, every second person faces the problem of hair loss, regardless of whether it is a girl or a man.

The reasons for which the hair follicles are weakened can be a huge amount, we denote only the most common ones:

  • Violations of the thyroid gland.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Strict diets that exclude from the diet a huge amount of components necessary for growth and health of hair. Sharp weight loss is a kind of stress for the body, which can also stimulate hair loss.
  • Chronic stresses most negatively affect the psycho-emotional state of a person, which in turn slows down the blood circulation of the scalp. Insufficiently active blood flow most often leads to hair loss.
  • Improper hair care, excessive abuse of the use of hairdryers, curling irons, and irons, can also negatively affect the condition of the hair.
  • Acceptance of certain medications may stimulate the weakening of the hair follicle with subsequent hair loss.
  • Anemia, a disease that is directly related to the blood circulation, which in turn causes the loss of a huge amount of hair.
  • In the spring, many people suffer from avitaminosis, from which the entire immune system suffers. The nails become weakened, they become brittle and fragile, the hair falls out, splits and breaks.
  • Changes in temperature, during visits to warm countries, saunas, and baths, as well as prolonged exposure to the sun, can also cause a loss of a significant amount of scalp.
  • If the father or mother had baldness, then the probability of transmitting the disease to the baby is 80%.
  • Scalp diseases – psoriasis, seborrhea, and fungal infections.

First of all, for the effective selection of a method against hair loss, a person needs to undergo a comprehensive examination and find out the cause of this disorder. Otherwise, no matter how miraculous the anti-baldness remedy, its effectiveness decreases several times.

In today’s market, there is a huge amount of supplements and procedures, the action of which is aimed at stimulating hair growth, as well as preventing their loss.

Among the most popular methods is the use of special therapeutic shampoos, conditioners, and supplements, preferably on a natural basis. Additionally, using cosmetics, do not forget about taking a complex of vitamins.

Many people who have begun to notice the problem of hair loss, practice a variety of homemade methods using natural ingredients.

How to Identify The Real Causes of Hair Loss at Home?

All specialists in the field of medicine, in case of a hair loss problem, recommend seeking the help of qualified specialists. Only in terms of a professional approach, testing and diagnostics of the whole organism, can one hundred percent determine the cause of baldness, eliminate its focus and then proceed to perform procedures aimed at restoring hair.

If a person feels fine, and hair loss began after taking any medication or during the spring of beriberi, you can safely postpone the visit to a specialist.  The best solution to the problem of hair loss is complexity .

Of course, the use of the best hair loss pills, shampoos, serums, and masks, helps to restore healthy and beautiful hair. However, this is not enough to fully strengthen the hair follicle and fix the result for a long period.

First of all, it is necessary to start taking the complex of vitamins, which most favorably affect all processes of the human body.

Vitaminized complexes are supplied in the form of capsules, which greatly simplifies their reception, and also increases the effectiveness of the action of active substances.

One of the important aspects of healthy and strong hair is proper nutrition and daily use of the required amount of water. Rejection of bad habits significantly improves the condition of the dermis, hair, and nails.

Do not neglect the folk methods that enjoyed active popularity among our grandmothers.

What Is the Best Hair Loss Treatment Today?

Since in the modern market one can find a huge amount of products against hair loss, many users have a question about how to choose a safe and effective remedy among such diversity that can eliminate the problem of baldness.

Now we will designate a list of criteria according to which it is necessary to choose favor of a particular means:

  • Customer reviews

Try to opt for those hair care products that have mostly positive reviews. The user, like no one else, can give the most objective assessment of the effectiveness of a product. You can study consumer comments on the manufacturer’s website, as well as on various thematic forums.

  • Product rating and manufacturer

Study the ratings of the best anti-hair loss remedies. Try to choose those products that occupy top places.

  • Carefully read the supplement reviews

In the description, all important aspects determine the effectiveness and safety of the product.

  • Doctor’s opinion

One of the most important aspects of choosing a valid agent is to familiarize yourself with the recommendations of specialists about the effect of a particular therapeutic product. Dermatologists can give an objective assessment not only of the principle of action but also tell about the safety of the constituent components.

8 Top Hair Loss Supplements Reviewed

We offer everyone to get acquainted with the list of remedies that help get rid of the most popular problem of modern people – baldness:


Profollica is a package of medicines that includes a dietary supplement and a serum for washing hair. The complex of drugs prescribed for use by the male half of the population.

Quick Note
The active ingredients help to reduce the level of dihydrotestosterone, which in turn slows down and then stops the process of hair follicles, with their subsequent restoration.

The biological formula consists of natural plant components – herbal extracts, vitamins, amino acids, proteins and various enzymes that allow you to control the level of DHT from the inside.

Gel for washing hair consists of plant components, penetrating the hair structure, saturating it with strength and energy. Due to the action of the natural formula, the agents do not cause negative side reactions.


Profolan is a hair growth activator, which is available as a dietary supplement.

The active ingredients prevent follicles from loosening, prevent hair loss, and also stimulate the growth of new ones.

The preparation contains only natural herbal ingredients that are not capable of harming health.

The drug, which is ideal for all categories of citizens, regardless of gender and age.

Ease of administration, only twice a day, drink a capsule with plenty of warm water.


Follixin is one of the best baldness supplements that penetrates the very core of the hair follicle and begins to act from the first days of administration.

In the process of the active components, the shell of the bulb is strengthened, which is responsible for the strength of the hair and prevents its loss. Also, the current formula of the drug helps to restore hair growth even in the area where the follicles have ceased to perform their main function.

This is a clinically tested product, the effectiveness, and safety of which is spoken by leading dermatologists.


Nisim is a popular cosmetic company all over the world, which for many years has been producing medical products against hair loss, restoring their growth, strengthening.

Depending on the type of the current problem, the consumer chooses the most suitable product for himself from the following lines – strengthening, restoring, stimulating hair growth, etc.

Infinity Hair Building Fibers

Infinity Hair Building Fibers is a special scalp concealer that will help you to mask your thinning areas in just 20 seconds thus making your hair thicker and more voluminous. This product suits any hair type and hairstyle and it is offered in different colors. Both men and women can use hair fibers.

For best results, you can use the Infinity Fiber Locking Spray that improves the hold of the fibers (up to one week) and adds extra shine to your locks.

Quick Note
The manufacturer also offers supplement which contains nutrients that have been known to improve the hair quality and hair growth speed.

The absence of contraindications significantly expands the consumer circle. Ease of use, high performance and reasonable price of the product – these are the main criteria by which the tool is popular in all corners of the world.


Provillus is an active dietary supplement that differs from all presented analogs in its packaged batches for men and women, which require different active formulas to stimulate hair growth and repair.

The active components of the drug quickly and fully saturate the body with the necessary components that prevent hair loss, as well as reliably strengthen the hair follicle. Due to the action of the components, hair growth is activated, while the scalp is covered with a reliable barrier that prevents it from becoming infected.

The Regenepure System

The Regenepure system consists of shampoo, conditioner, and spray for the treatment of hair and scalp.

The formula recommended by leading experts in the field of medicine, as one of the most effective and safe means.

It contains powerful reducing ingredients that have a plant origin.


Procerin is a remedy for male pattern baldness, which consists of two products with a patented active formula.

The active ingredients of the dietary supplement block DHT, a substance in the body that causes hair loss.

In the process of action of the components, the hair follicle revives, which is responsible for its strength and elasticity.

The second component of the complex is the outer foam, which, after being applied to the scalp, begins to fill its structure with nutrients that promote the growth of new hair.

Thanks to the universal formula, the dermis of the head remains protected from various skin infectious diseases for a long time after use.

Clinical Facts
In clinical studies, the effectiveness of the complex, which reaches 94%, has been proven.

How to Choose an Effective Remedy for Hair Loss?

So that the means chosen by you worked, it is necessary to answer to yourself several questions. First of all, to determine the option of the most suitable product, you should know the cause of hair loss – avitaminosis, scalp diseases, stress, etc.

This is the basis, without which even the most effective, a remedy can be impotent. Indeed, before restoring the health of the scalp, you need to eliminate the main focus of the problem.

Study in detail the information regarding the operation, effectiveness, and safety of the product. Experts recommend choosing only certified products that meet all European norms and standards.

The certificate is the main evidence that the effect of this product was tested during laboratory studies. To achieve the maximum result from the use of any anti-hair loss remedy, the user should not forget about the integrated approach, the essence of which was considered earlier.

Which Natural Herbs Help to Regrow Hair?

The composition of all the above-mentioned supplements includes a complex of herbal components, which are presented to humanity by mother nature.

We propose to consider the main list of ingredients that have on the skin of the head, the hair follicle and the hair itself, the treated effect:

  • Horsetail field restores and strengthens the hair structure, thereby creating shine and rich color. Hair becomes strong, which prevents its fragility and loss.
  • Nettle is an effective plant against hair loss, which has a beneficial effect on the scalp. Due to the effects of nettle, the skin remains moist, which prevents the appearance of dandruff.
  • L-cysteine helps to normalize the hormonal imbalance in the body and also improves all metabolic processes. All this prevents hair loss.
  • A complex of a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that have an effective effect on the scalp and hair.

Natural Ways to Combat Hair Loss

Along with the use of special means of preventing hair loss, many people use additional traditional methods.

Did You Know?
However, do not forget that in addition to homemade masks from natural ingredients, you should normalize your diet, the diet of which must include brown rice, homemade eggs, figs, grapefruit, kefir, various nuts, and red cabbage.

Saturate your body with enough fat of plant and animal origin – olive and coconut oil. Based on these components, homemade masks are often prepared to stimulate growth and strengthen hair.

How Do Natural Remedies for Hair Loss Work?

The principle of action of the best herbal medications against baldness and stimulation of hair growth has a healing effect that does not mask the problem but solves it from the inside.

The active components of nutritional supplements and creams open the hole in the hair follicle and seal the roof membrane. In addition to the root, the hair shaft is also strengthened, which is responsible for strength and prevents fragility.

In the course of the work of the active substances, the life of the disintegrating follicle is stimulated, due to which hair growth is restored even in those areas where there is no hair for a long time.

At birth, on the scalp, there are over 100 000 hair follicles that die off in the process of life, while the appearance of new bulbs is not provided by nature.

Accordingly, the more follicles cease to function, the less hair remains on the head. With the help of herbal remedies hair, follicles can be restored.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consider the questions that many users of natural products want to find the answer to.

Duration of getting the result?

It is worth remembering that natural products cannot demonstrate instant results due to their plant-based and natural stimulating processes.

So, it is possible to notice the first positive changes from the use of such funds 14 to 30 days after the start of the course of treatment.

In this case, the maximum result will appear only in 4 – 7 months, depending on the composition, action, correct use of the drug, as well as the characteristics of the human body.

Adverse reactions?

If the hair regrowth supplement is used according to the recommendations of the manufacturer, then you can not worry about the occurrence of negative side reactions.

The cost of shampoos and creams?

The question of the price of baldness products is quite ambiguous. Each manufacturer sets its value, which may depend on a variety of factors – the popularity of the brand, the volume of the product, the number of components. The average price for such funds is in the range of 80 – 150 dollars.

What does medicine say?

All dermatologists in one voice say about the effectiveness and high degree of safety means.

It is worth remembering that because of the lack of a vitamin complex of categories C, E, D, it causes brittle hair, dehydration, and loss. Therefore, restoring the vitamin balance can significantly improve not only the condition of the hair but also the nails and skin.

Correct treatment strategy

To get the most positive hair regrowth, you should know one simple rule – this is a comprehensive approach and choosing the right strategy.

Along with the use of top-rated hair loss supplements, you should start using special conditioners, shampoos, and masks that can normalize the function of hair follicles. Do not forget about proper nutrition and drinking regime, which are important for the full work of the whole organism.

Dr. Allan Skyler

Dr. Allan Skyler

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