ExtenZe Results. Does it really work? Before/After Pics

ExtenZe is a male enhancement supplement designed for men who want to increase the length and girth of their penis. The supplement can also improve the quality of erections, increase the libido, and intensify orgasms. There are a few kits to choose from, and each one comes with an extra gift.

Brief ExtenZe review:

Official store: buyextenze.com
Amazon Rank:
 #1 (48 000 reviews)
Money-back guarantee: 67-day
Success rate: 93%
Years on the market: 15+
# of customers: 1 500 000
Benefits: bigger penis, harder erections, better stamina, improved sexual response
First/max results: 14 days/180 days
TOP Competitors: VigRx Plus, Prosolution Plus, Male Extra
Prices: $59.95 – 1 box, $109.95 – 2 boxes, $159.95 – 3 bottles(save $20), $309.956 bottles(save $50).
Manufacturer: Leading Edge Health
Shipping: International, FREE US shipping

Clinical Researches

ExtenZe conducted a clinical trial of his product on 50 men. This fact is documented. Research spent Dr. Daniel S. Stein Medical Institute, cosmetic surgery in Florida.

According to the official study results, almost 80% of respondents received positive results. The before and after photos are published on the site, which shows how much the erection has grown and the size of the erected penis of those who have taken pills for 3 months.

An important fact is that all 50 men who participated in the studies were not found to have side effects. The result was different for most participants.

Main results:

  • 80% of men were able to strengthen their erections
  • 65% of men reported having noticed improvements in sexual stamina
  • 37% of men stated that their erected penis became bigger (1-1.5 inches )
  • 63% of participants reported improved quality of sex ( better sensitivity, stronger orgasm, and duration of sexual intercourse)
  • 35% of men reported that erection began to advance much faster

Does ExtenZe Really Work?

The manufacturers of ExtenZe promise that your penis will increase in size by up to 30% with regular use.

There is also a 67-day money-back guarantee period.

The ExtenZe supplement is a good solution for men who struggle with erectile dysfunction and for those looking to improve their sexual performance.

The unique formula and combination of natural ingredients will give you strong erections so that you can have a more fulfilling sex life.

ExtenZe Formula

ExtenZe has numerous vital herbs, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that can improve your overall health:

  • Ginseng is one of the main ingredients and is responsible for boosting overall energy levels and improving sexual stamina and performance
  • Gingko Biloba improves blood flow to the penis, resulting in a longer and stronger erection
  • L-Arginine is an essential ingredient that dilates your blood vessels, allowing better circulation
  • Tribulus Terrestris improves your body’s natural ability to produce testosterone (increased levels of testosterone lead to enhanced sex drive and increased libido)
  • DHEA is an ingredient that enhances the time you can maintain a strong erection
  • Folic Acid contributes towards better health of your penis and improves fertility
  • Yohimbe Bark is an aphrodisiac that fights against erectile dysfunction
  • Zinc Oxide boosts the levels of testosterone and enhances the volume and quality of semen

ExtenZe Pros and Cons

According to numerous customer reviews found on forums, the manufacturers of ExtenZe claim that it is completely safe to use and has zero side effects.

Among its many advantages, ExtenZe will significantly increase your sexual endurance and stamina, increase your libido, improve mild forms of erectile dysfunction, increase the duration of your erections, and increase the length and girth of your penis.

Amazon Reviews

How Does ExtenZe Work?

The recommended dosage is one tablet per day, after having a meal. This dosage should not be exceeded, and it is best to avoid using ExtenZe if you have allergies to any of its ingredients.

Short-term results occur almost instantly after taking ExtenZe. Customer and medical reviews say - it’s the most advanced natural male enhancement formula on the market.

If you want to experience maximum long-term benefits, you must use this supplement consistently for 3-6 months.

There are no side effects, so you can use this product regularly. Buy ExtenZe on the official site.

Why Choose ExtenZe?

This supplement is a good solution for men who struggle with erectile dysfunction and for those looking for an effective way to improve their sexual performance.

The unique formula and combination of natural ingredients will give you strong erections so that you can have a more fulfilling sex life.

ExtenZe is for men over the age of 18, so if you are an adult individual who wants to improve sexual satisfaction, then ExtenZe is the supplement for you.

To experience everything ExtenZe has to offer, it is advised that you use the tablets on a daily basis.

Not only will you improve your erections and other aspects of your sexual life, but your self-confidence will also increase. Click here to visit the official ExtenZe website.

Where to Buy ExtenZe?

This supplement is available on Amazon, Walmart, GNC, and other stores. But if you want to get the best price and official guarantee, you need to purchase ExtenZe on the manufacturer's official site only https://www.buyextenze.com.

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Here are the official prices:

  • 1 month supply- $59.95
  • 2 month supply – $109.95
  • 3 months supply – $159.95(save $20)
  • 6 month supply – $309.95(save $50)

Click here to order ExtenZe.

Your package will be shipped to any country discreetly and safely. The official order is secure, your privacy is protected by the Leading Edge Health company. And you can be sure that you buy a genuine product directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ExtenZe formula work

The formula consists of plant extracts that have a positive effect on testosterone and general hormone levels and increase blood flow to the penis. In addition to enhancing male libido and erection, ExtenZe can increase penis size.

Is ExtenZe suitable for everybody?

The formula includes many natural ingredients, some of which can cause a reaction to the body. Usually, the reaction is due to vitamin C and Yohimbe, which are included in the formula.

Is it better than Viagra?

Unlike Viagra, ExtenZe is a natural supplement that does not contain harmful substances that can cause side effects. Also, it promotes penis growth, especially if you combine taking the pills with a penis pumping device(e.g. Bathmate hydro penis pump).

How long do I have to wait for results?

The first results from taking the pills can be seen in a few weeks, but the recommended course to get full results in six months.

Any similar products that work?

Today there are only three popular formulas in the world that the entire Internet talks about VigRx Plus, Prosolution Plus, Male Extra. They have millions of customers.

What do customers say?

Today you can find the reviews on Amazon and male enhancement forums.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

There is always a chance that the desired and actual result will be different. If the result is not what you expected, you can request a refund within 67 days after the order has been placed.

How can I achieve results faster?

Customers say ExtenZe works better and faster if you also lead a healthy lifestyle. Your sexual health is directly related to your overall lifestyle.

Why is it so popular?

ExtenZe, like Viagra, became the best seller in the whole world because the product is 100% natural. Today, it is widely promoted by stars and independent media writers who discuss it on male potency forums.

Final Review

The 60-day money-back guarantee gives you enough time to experience the benefits of this product, so you have nothing to lose if you give it a try.

All in all, ExtenZe is a safe, natural, and potent supplement from which you will get positive results.

Regular usage guarantees the desired outcome, so order ExtenZe and improve the quality of your sex life.

Read more about male enhancement on WebMD.



You have probably heard about such natural pills to increase male potency as ExtenZe. Advertising of this product has not left the pages of Internet sites for 10 years, they are really actively buying it, there is a lot of information about it on forums, medical sites. The popularity of this product is so high that it can only be compared with Viagra.

Only unlike Viagra, EztenZe acts in a natural way, although it does not give quick results, it really heals your muscular potency.

A lot of media, print media, TV shows, interviews with famous doctors - all this is about ExtenZe. The product is recommended and it is investigated, the results of clinical trials can be found on medical sites.

According to studies ExtenZe really improves the quality of erection, increases potency, sexual desire, sexual stamina. With regular use of ExtenZe, you can count on strengthening your libido. And the effect becomes permanent if you take the pill for 6 months.

Today it’s hard to hide the truth about the effectiveness of any dietary supplement for male potency. If the product does not work, it leaves the market almost immediately. What is the phenomenon of ExtenZe?

Is it really these pills that are the best alternative to Viagra, since they do not contain synthetic ingredients and do not cause side effects?

Let's see what ExtenZe is, whether it is effective, and how it works.

In fact, ExtenZe is a product that increases erection and makes your penis longer and wider. The effect is achieved by increasing blood flow to the penis and regular intake of dietary supplements.

The composition of this product includes only extracts of plant origin. The product was developed by the famous company BIOTAB Nutraceuticals.

Let's take a closer look at the study that was conducted on ExtenZe. It has been proven that this dietary supplement actually stimulates blood circulation inside the penis. This formula can really limit the flow of blood from leaving the corpora cavernosa.

Let's take a closer look at what it is.

Inside our penis, there are 3 reservoirs that help hold blood back. When your penis gets aroused, these 3 chambers fill up with blood making your penis longer and wider. So an erection is caused.

Did you know that using the ExtenZe formula you have the opportunity to increase the capacity of these cameras, which causes a much stronger erection, which can make your penis visually larger in length and width?

This product has many advantages over similar ones:

  • ExtenZe formula has been clinically tested and has been proven
  • The use of tablets is covered by a guarantee of 67 days from the day the tablets were started.
  • The product officially certified for worldwide sales.
  • ExtenZe is sold by a reputable medical company
  • You have the opportunity to contact support on the official website and ask questions to specialists
  • This dietary supplement is 100% natural, all ingredients contribute to enhancing male potency and erection.
  • You will not feel any side effects throughout the course of taking the pills.
  • ExtenZe recommended by famous doctors, leading medical publications and men's magazines wrote about tablets
  • The Internet has collected thousands of reviews of real men, which testify to the effectiveness of this formula
  • The tablets work quickly enough and have a cumulative effect. The result is complex and it is the improvement of male potency
  • One billion ExtenZe tablets sold worldwide
  • The uniqueness of the formula in the balance of ingredients that enhance male energy and stamina

Pharmacy drugs or ExtenZe

These pills are not sold in pharmacies, but if you visit the nearest one, they will offer you to buy pseudo-natural pills, for example, Vimax, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra - all these are quite strong and harmful products that give a quick result, but which then have to be treated.

Strong potency medications prescribed by doctors really work. But the effect is always short-term and the male cardiovascular system suffers.

ExtenZe can only be bought online and there are a lot of fakes on it today, so I recommend that you make a purchase only from the official website, so you can protect yourself from buying fake tablets that are sold even at well-known marketplaces.

In order to better understand how the formula works, let's look at a list of ingredients and their properties. It would seem that it is worth copying this formula, but the uniqueness and effectiveness of the product are not listed by the ingredient, but in their balance within the formula, the recipe, which cannot be repeated.

You must understand that problems with an erection, lack of desire, poor stamina, premature ejaculation, a small penis are caused by a lack of necessary vitamins and minerals in your body.

But besides this, many more factors influence your potency:

  • Your lifestyle
  • Your diet and its regularity
  • Your bad habits
  • Your fitness
  • Your regular exercise or sports
  • Your dream
  • Your nervous system

The latter factor is very common today. Stress and anxiety, constant employment, poor nutrition, lack of sport, and age-related problems - all this is superimposed and creates many problems for sex life.

ExtenZe is not able to solve them all at once, moreover, a tablet can be completely ineffective if you are not going to change your lifestyle and maintain a healthy tone in your body.

It makes no sense to stimulate your sexual activity with even the best pills if you continue to aggravate your health.

When you are being treated for a cold, you do not just take pills. You are still trying to change the diet, there are foods that are high in vitamin C, lie in bed, limit your movement, drink a lot. You approach the issue of recovering from an infection comprehensively.

In the same way, it should be related to the issues of improving one's potency. Not only should you take ExtenZe, but you must also rebuild your approach to your own sexual health.

Let's talk more about a study that has proven the effectiveness of ExtenZe

So, it was held back in 2004 in the state of Florida. Several studies have been conducted to find out all the benefits of ExtenZe and its effects on male potency.

What became known:

  • 90% increased the amount of sex in a man’s life
  • Sexual fantasies and desire intensified
  • Penis sensitivity increased by 95%
  • Erection increased in length and width by 40%
  • Penis growth was also seen not only in an erect but also sluggish state.

This study was conducted by Beatrix Frasure. Dr. Stein, MD, participated.

The ingredients

This formula includes a very long list of ingredients. I want to note only these:

Folate, Zinc, Tribulus Terrestris, Black Pepper, Nettle, L - arginine, Ho Show Wu Extract, Astragalus, Damiana

Are there any cons about this pill?

It would be wrong to hide from you some facts about ExtenZe that may not characterize this pill for the better. But actually, there are not so many minuses, let's list them:

  1. ExtenZe action can be permanent if you take a full course of administration, which is 6 months. If you bought only one pack and took a break, it is likely you will have to start again. Since tablets have cumulative effects
  2. There is a percentage of men for whom ExtenZe, unfortunately, is not effective. This is a very individual reaction, and it can be seen in only 2% of men
  3. Do not buy ExtenZe if you find the one you are allergic to in the list of ingredients. I recommend going to the doctor before buying pills.
  4. The results are different for everyone if you read somewhere on the forum that a man’s erogenous penis increased by 1.5 inches in length, and you only have an increase in erection - this is not a reason to think that the tablets do not work. It’s just for your body that it is the result
  5. After taking the tablets, some men may experience nausea, dizziness, palpitations, and anxiety. These are normal reactions, especially for those who experience ongoing health problems. Perhaps you should not take ExtenZe now until you correct it.

Summarizing, I want to say that ExtenZe is the most popular pill for increasing male potency in the world and no one can argue with that. Most often, these pills are bought by men aged 27-65 years and they work equally well for this age group.

Due to this, the popularity of these tablets is explained. Their cost is very low, I myself regularly took ExtenZe and fixed the result after 6 months. For me it was expressed as follows:

  • I began to make love more often if earlier it was possible to do it only 1-2 times a week. Now up to 4 times
  • I began to get excited at the mere thought of my girlfriend or other women. I began to flirt more with girls at work. For the first time, I had an office romance, I began to get acquainted with the girls in the tinder. I have not had enough sex with my regular partner. Today I have several girls at once whom I constantly call. Sometimes I have sex 5-6 times a week. Not always a girl can be ready for sex, then I just call another.
  • I got a lot of sexual desires, we started playing role-playing games with the girls, I often began to have anal sex with them. Previously, I could not get into the anal, since the erection was not strong enough. Now I love anal sex for its novelty of sensations.
  • I began to have sex longer, sometimes for 3-4 hours and I experience up to 5 orgasms per night
  • My dick really became more eroded, the girls stopped hinting that I had a small dick and this gave me the opportunity to feel more relaxed in sex
  • I have never been able to bring the girl to orgasm, now that the erection has become larger, I can stimulate the point G and bring to the orgasm each of my partners

When you first start using ExtenZe, you still do not understand how your sex life will change. If I understood this, I would start taking pills 5 years ago.

Dr. Allan Skyler

Dr. Allan Skyler

Dr. Allan is a urologist in Los Angeles. He received his medical degree from Creighton University School of Medicine. Contact me drallanskyller@gmail.com

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