Penis Enlargement Patch. What do you Need to Know?

Almost every second man over the age of 45 regularly faces complexes that are directly related to sexual function disorder. In the modern world, many ways can save a person from the negative manifestations of erectile dysfunction.

The newest method of dealing with the popular intimate problem is the penis enlargement patch technology, which involves the use of special patches. A ProEnhance patch is thoroughly saturated with natural active ingredients, which action is aimed at normalizing the body’s sexual possibilities.

What Is the Best Penis Enlargement Patch?

The main advantage of using a ProEnhance patch is comfort. For the patch to begin to effectively affect the male body, it is enough to glue it to the lower abdomen.

The next positive aspect of using the ProEnhance technology is that the patch is imbued with natural herbal extracts, which have a minimum number of contraindications, and do not cause adverse reactions to the body.

The effect of the patches was repeatedly tested during clinical studies, which once again confirms their safety and efficacy.

Quick Note
The principle of operation of the penis enlargement patch technology is that the active components gradually penetrate the skin, providing a therapeutic effect on the current problem.

What Results Can Be Obtained Using Penis Enlargement Patches?

Denote the list of results that anyone who has decided to try the ProEnhance penis enlargement patch can experience:

  • A stronger and more powerful erection that contributes to prolonged sexual intercourse;
  • Strong and intense orgasms, which experiences not only a man himself but his women as well;
  • The absence of premature ejaculation, which does not allow partners to enjoy the intimate process to the fullest extent;
  • Thanks to the active components, the body becomes sexually resilient, and sexual activity is restored as soon as possible. Thus, a man may experience several orgasms per night;
  • Bigger ejaculation volume. The quality of seminal fluid is improving, indicating a large number of live spermatozoa;
  • Some components that make up the impregnation for the patch, stimulate penis enlargement. The speed of blood flow to the penis increases, which contributes to the expansion of cave tissues of the penis, and accordingly its size.

Along with all the above effects, a man becomes confident in himself and his sexual powers, which directly affects the quality of sexual intercourse.

Why Penis Patches are so effective?

Male enhancement experts have recognized the fact that the use of ProEnhance patch is one of the most effective ways to normalize sexual activity and stimulate penis growth.

Taking pills, using pumps, performing special exercises — all this is now taking a back seat because the first results from using them are only visible after a few months.

In turn, wearing the ProEnhance patch shows users the result after a few weeks. At the same time, the obtained effect persists permanently.

 The use of special devices, in contrast to wearing a patch, can cause not only adverse reactions to the body . Most nutritional supplements have a huge number of contraindications.

Unlike most alternative ways, during the application of the patches, the man does not experience the painful and uncomfortable sensations that may arise during the pumping process.

We offer all men to get acquainted with the list of the most popular to date patches that have helped millions of patients around the world get rid of problems of a sexual nature:

Top 5 penis enlargement patches of 2019

#1. ProEnhance

ProEnhance is a 100% safe and effective product that consists solely of selected herbal ingredients. It is a clinically approved product that helps to solve a huge number of sexual problems. The absence of contraindications extends the consumer circle.

Did You Know?
It is one of the best products that can eliminate the manifestations of erectile dysfunction in the shortest possible period, as well as stimulate the growth of the penis.

Penis patch glue that helps to attach it to the skin does not irritate. Click here to order ProEnhance.

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#2. EnhanceRX (replaced by ProEnhance)

EnhanceRX patch is an innovative product, which the main action is aimed at stimulating the penis growth.

Quick Note
It contains a mixture of Chinese herbs that helped men to deal with intimate problems since ancient times.

Herbal extracts stimulate blood flow to the penis, thereby expanding its cellular tissue. A man becomes sexually resilient, and his libido increases several times.

A waterproof plaster can have an effective effect on the problem for three days then the patch should be replaced. It has a reasonable price.

#3. ZyGain (no longer available)

ZyGain Patch is the first product with transdermal technology, promoting instant penetration of active ingredients into the skin.

Round-the-clock stimulation of the blood circulation to the penis contributes to maximum efficiency, which is manifested in the normalization of erectile dysfunction and stimulation of the penile organ growth.

The patch contains only natural herbs, it is certified, and regular clinical studies are the main criteria that today more and more men prefer ZyGain Patch.

#4. Optipatch

Optipatch is a universal product that, in addition to eliminating all intimate disorders, boosts immunity, and normalizes the functions of all processes in the body. While using the patch, the person feels a surge of strength and energy.

How To Use A Penis Enlargement Patch?

The advantage of using the ProEnhance patches is that the man does not need to carry out the daily replacement of the product.

Due to the high-quality multi-level basis fabric, as well as the adhesive layer, the patch can be safely worn for three days.

In this case, the sticker is 100% waterproof, which allows a man to take a shower, not worrying that the plaster will peel off or its effectiveness will decrease.

Before using the ProEnhance product, the manufacturer recommends getting acquainted in detail with the official recommendations regarding the effect of action, as well as the method of use.  A man must glue the patch after removing the special protection from the adhesive layer on a previously cleaned area of skin in the lower abdomen.

ProEnhance Penis Patch Ingredients

Each manufacturer, depending on the performance of the final act of its product, may include a variety of components, however, the base for all impregnations is the same.

Therefore, we offer to get acquainted with the list of active ingredients that can be seen in the composition of each product:

Asian Wonder-Grass

It effectively deals with the manifestations of weak erection, stimulating blood flow to the cave tissues of the penis. This, in turn, contributes to an additional result, namely an increase in the parameters of the penis.

He Shou Wu

It is a Chinese herbal tonic, which improves the quality of erection, and also prevents premature ejaculation. It enriches the body with sexual power and vitality.

Ayurvedic herbs

They have a positive effect on erection, increase libido, and stimulate stronger and more powerful orgasms.

Saw Palmetto

It is an aphrodisiac popular all over the world, which stimulates sexual desire and also helps in the production of testosterone.


It is another herbal aphrodisiac, which is present in all sexual enhancement supplements.


It helps to enhance blood flow, and also contributes to quick penetration of all active ingredients deeply into the very core of the problem.

Where To Buy A ProEnhance Patch?

Most users very often think about the question of where to buy a quality, effective, safe, and more importantly, the original ProEnhance patch.

If you want to get the original product, then the purchase of goods should be carried out exclusively on the official website of the manufacturer.

Competent online consultants will always answer customer questions. Delivery of goods is carried out in any region of the world.

Besides, the ProEnhance manufacturer constantly offers its customers promotions and discount offers, which help to save money on the purchase. Click here to visit the official site.

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Marie Voichuk

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