Penis Extender Results(Before/After). Personal Experience and Pictures

Is It Possible To Enlarge the Penis with a Penis Extender?

Many men experience regular discomfort and constraint due to insufficient penis size. A small penis is an inherited genetic feature; however, in modern medicine, many penis enlargement methods combat this issue.

Penis traction is one of the most common technologies used to stimulate penis growth. The meaning of this technique lies in the fact that under the influence of the thrust force, the penis’s cavernous tissues, through which blood actively flows, are stretched. Quick Extender Pro is the only device that uses the original technology to stretch the penis fast and effectively.

Through this process, penis size can increase up to 25%. Another positive results of penis traction is the normalization of the body’s sexual functions. An erection becomes more powerful and prolonged, the libido increases significantly, and premature ejaculation is eliminated.

Note that for successful penis traction technology usage, the patient needs to purchase a special penis extender called Quick Extender Pro. The product is medically certified to ensure that the effects on the body will be effective and safe.

Best Penis Extenders. Best Penis Stretchers

Which Penis Extender Gives Results?

Before you buy a penis extender, familiarize yourself with the list of criteria that are responsible for the quality and safety of the installation:


This can be confirmed by certificates obtained during laboratory and clinical studies. Quick Extender Pro provides certificates and product licenses to all potential customers.

The official Quick Extender Pro website makes all the documents available to the public.


The safety of the Quick Extender Pro device is manifested in the model’s design features and the quality of the materials from which it is made. These medical materials are not capable of causing adverse reactions or irritations on the skin’s surface.

Medical recommendations

Pay attention to the devices medical professionals recommend: Quick Extender ProPenimaster Pro, Phallosan Forte, SizeGenetics, ProExtender, Male Edge. There are several advantageous characteristics that the experts have outlined when choosing a penis traction method.


In searching for a product, it is important to find one that has customer feedback (i.e., the real reviews found on forums and blogs). You can find thousands of positive reviews on Quick Extender ProPenimaster Pro, and Phallosan Forte.

Efficiency and results(Before/After)

Study the overview of the penis extender in detail. The manufacturer should always inform customers about what results should be expected upon completion of treatment.

Give preference to universal penis extenders that normalize sexual functions, relieve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and alleviate the negative manifestations of Peyronie’s Disease.


Comfort is one of the main criteria when choosing the right model of penis extender. Wearing the extender for a long time can sometimes negatively affect the patient’s comfort. Choose compact, ergonomic, and structurally simplified models like Penimaster Pro that do not hinder movement or cause painful and unpleasant sensations.


Pay attention to the cost of the penis extender and look for one in an average price range. The price may vary depending on the configuration settings. X4 Labs is the most affordable device that works.

Choosing a penis stretcher at a significantly reduced price is not recommended. This may indicate that the product is made of low-quality materials that can cause several adverse reactions.

More and more manufacturers today offer their potential customers many penis extender models from which to choose.

Included in the set are additional parts, accessories, and food additives. Each consumer chooses for himself the preferable category of goods, one that corresponds to his financial standing.

The best penis extender technology

The technology affects the speed of obtaining a positive result, the safety, and the effectiveness of the expander, so get familiar with this information.

How to Use a Penis Stretcher to Get Impressive Results?

Study the manufacturer’s instructions in detail after you have chosen a penis stretcher. Most developers add video instructions to the written recommendation, which allows the user to learn how to use the device correctly.

Experts do not recommend using any penis enlargement device at night. The reaction of the body’s sensitivity decreases during sleep, so you are more likely to experience injury to the penis flesh.

Most modern penis extenders(e.g. Quick Extender ProPenimaster Pro, Phallosan Forte, SizeGenetics, X4 Labs) are small and compact installations that are not visible under clothing and do not hinder movement.

That is why they are comfortable to wear for a long time during the day. As a rule, the daily rate of wearing a penis expander is six to ten hours. The patient should begin at the minimum time setting, gradually increasing the duration of use.

 If the user experiences discomfort and pain during the operation of the extender, he should immediately remove the installation to avoid negative adverse reactions. Users should review the video instruction again before fixing the penis enlargement device correctly .

The course of treatment depends on the specific model of the penis extender. The average duration of Quick Extender Pro treatment is from six to eight months.

The user must understand that this period may vary depending on the physiological characteristics of their body and the correctness of wearing the penis stretcher.

Improve your Penis Enlargement Results

Men can apply special technologies that help accelerate the processes of stimulating penis growth along with penis stretching devices,

The Bathmate Hydromax is an efficient device to which a man needs to allocate no more than 20 minutes per day. The penis is placed inside a tube from which water has previously been drawn when using this pump.

With the help of pumping movements, a vacuum is created inside the working chamber, which is the main source of stimulation of blood flow to the cavernous tissues of the penis. Due to this, the quality of erection, along with the size of the penis, is improved.

This safe method is recommended by experts in the field of medicine.

Another safe and equally effective way to enlarge the penis and normalize the sexual functions of the body is taking a VigRx Plus dietary herbal-based supplement.

This is a clinically tested biological product that positively affects a modern man’s sex life. If you include taking pills in the method of penis traction, then the effectiveness of their use increases by 50%.

What Does Medicine Say About Penis Traction?

Modern medical specialists say that penis traction is the safest and most effective way to increase penis size in length and width. The action of the best penis extender, water pump, and food additives have been repeatedly investigated during clinical and laboratory experiments.

Experts say that using penis enlargement devices and supplements according to the manufacturer’s instructions reduces the likelihood of developing adverse reactions.

Due to the natural processes, the number of contraindications is automatically reduced, thereby increasing the number of potential users. Experts do not recommend using devices or pills for people under the age of majority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many potential buyers ask sellers many questions when choosing a penis extender. Below you’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Is it possible to experience side effects?

The likelihood of adverse reactions is low with the correct use of the Quick Extender Pro penis stretcher. If the client is not familiar with the manufacturer’s instructions, then in the event of improper use, stretching, microcracks, bruises, and hematomas may appear on the surface of the penis.

Where can I buy the best penis extender?

If you want an original and high-quality penis extender, we recommend purchasing the Quick Extender Pro on the manufacturer’s official website.

The developer guarantees his product’s high quality, effectiveness, and safety.

Quick Note
Ьanufacturers sometimes offer their customers a product with significant discounts, which contributes to budget savings.

Which penis stretcher is really effective?

The use of the Quick Extender Pro expansion unit is a clinically recommended action prescribed to patients by specialists in sexology and urology.

The certified product is the main proof of the installation’s effectiveness, safety, and operation.

How long do the results last?

This depends on the individual physiological characteristics of the user. Results obtained from using the Quick Extender Pro penis stretcher typically continue to delight the patient for 12 to 48 months. Here are my Before and After pictures.

How do I choose the best device?

The customer must become familiar with the specific characteristics of the model to select the most high-quality and efficient penis stretching device.

The customer can choose the most suitable model after studying the recommendations of medical specialists and user reviews.

We recommend ordering a penis extender that increases the penis size and normalizes sexual functions.

Learn more about the top-rated penis extenders on Wikipedia.

Dr. Allan Skyler

Dr. Allan Skyler

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