Male Edge Review(Before/After). Does it Really Work? Reviews

In this review, I want to talk about my personal experience using the Male Edge extender for 4 months. 

I’ll tell you about:

  • Own impressions, feelings, and experiences in using the penis enlargement device
  • I’ll tell you how I use it
  • I will share personal observations and practical tips
  • I will tell you about the results.
  • I’ll tell you about the problems that I had and the solutions that helped me cope with them
  • I will help you choose the necessary Male Edge package on the site
  • I’ll tell you about the purchase of the device, the savings and the benefits of ordering on the official website

Male Edge Review Reviews(forums, Reddit)

So, the Male Edge device immediately won over me with its design, the latest technology, ease of use, and safety of use. I don’t know why, but for a long time, I did not dare to buy this extender, although for more than a year now I have been thinking about a natural enlargement of the penis.

At first, I read forums and various Male Edge reviews on Reddit from users for a long time, I was impressed by their results and searched for myself the right moment to buy a device and use it. He still did not advance, and all the time I delayed the time of purchase.

I don’t know why I acted so hesitantly, but the last point was the statement of my girlfriend that she does not enjoy sex with me because I have too little cock.

I knew this myself, but somehow I didn’t think about being with her about my problems with potency and her satisfaction with sex. We have been together for more than 3 months and I relaxed, to be honest, I forgot that it is critically important for me – I WANTED TO INCREASE MY PENIS at all costs, but I excluded surgical intervention.

Various exercises for stretching the penis upset me, I tried a lot from Jelqing and Kegels. The user instructions on several pages, practical experience, possible problems during their application, and the lack of a guarantee of results quickly brought me back to the idea of ​​buying a really high-quality extender, such as Male Edge.

Stage 1 – Purchase

I saw that Male Edge is being sold on local sites in my country – in online stores of various ranks. True, I did not find the EXTRA package anywhere, and where it was – no guarantee was offered and the price was clearly too high.

I decided to make an order from the official site, as users advised me on the forums. The checkout was simple. I made a purchase with my card, the money was withdrawn without problems and the order was confirmed.

I ordered from Poland, where the extender arrived in a week. I think this is very fast. He was hidden in a box without any identification marks.

Stage 2 – Unpacking and assembly

So, I already watched the video instruction on how to assemble and configure the device for the first use. Everything seemed simple, but in practice, I had to adapt and revise the instruction video many times.

I decided right here to remove my instructions, I hope it will be more understandable. So, to assemble the device, it was only necessary to get the straps, comfort pad from the packaging.

Unlike the assembly of other extenders, I did not need to twist the rods to set the correct length of the extender. Also, I did not have to adjust the tension – as it is a difficult job and it is better to entrust it to professionals.

With Male Edge, it turned out a lot easier, I put a penis in the base ring, then I went through the straps to the base, put on a comfort pad and fastened the strap, it turned out very comfortable, the member was almost relaxed.

Next, I just snapped the base on the base of the extender with rods, it is first important to fix the base on the right side. If your dick is up to 5 inches of one if more than 5 inches – the other. I found these tips on forums and Reddit.

I felt a pull, but it was too big. I decided to set the lowest pressure out of 3 possible. And it was comfortable for me. I set the length of the rods by simply twisting the rods inside the device until they click. See that the length of the rods is the same on both sides.

Stage 3 – First use

So, after a little tweaking, I already felt traction in the extender. She was not tough or aggressive, the length of the rods was set correctly. It was a comfortable pressure, with him I stayed at home for about an hour.

Frankly, I couldn’t relax, the sensations were very strange and unusual. Within an hour, I felt some pain in the penis and decided to remove the Male Edge extender and looked at my penis. Visually, there was no noticeable redness or bruising. I let the penis rest for 2 hours and put it on again, though I could only stand it for 40 minutes, I felt discomfort

Stage 4 – Addictive

So every day I wore the extender for 2 hours at first, the 5th day – about 3 hours. At this pace, I wore the device for another week. And after a week some pains stopped, I began to forget about the extender if I was at home. I haven’t gone out with him yet. Literally, after 3 weeks, I stopped responding to the presence of an extender in my pants.

Stage 5 – Increase pressure

I carefully measured the length and width of the pen with the ruler that came with the extender. But during the first month of using Male Edge, the length and width did not change at all.

True, I noticed that my sexual desire grew, I could hold an erection longer. On the forums and Reddit, I read that such a first reaction of the penis is the best effect and a signal that you are doing everything right. After 1.5 months, I increased the pressure by extending the screws. Now it was 2 / 3 power, while I did not touch the length.

Stage 6 – the first penis growth results(Before/After)

So, for the first time, I saw the growth of the penis after 2 months of everyday use of the extender for 3-5 hours daily. The penis grew literally in a week by 1 inch in length and about 0.3 in width.

I measured the result many times and it was like that every time. When I did not use the extender, the length was held. And I’m talking about a relaxed penis, and erogenous. This first result is incredibly inspiring, this is the very incentive that helped me continue to work on penis enlargement.

If I did not get this result after 2 months, I would refuse further use. Still, with so much work and so many nerves, you need to be very strong and motivated to continue without obtaining a result.

Stage 7 – stable penis growth results in the period of 3-4 months

Further, member growth continued stably and with enviable performance. I increased the time I used the device per day to 5 hours, while I began to go out with him. I drove in a car and even wore it several times in the office.

Nothing was visually visible since the extender is very compact and easily hides under clothes. I have already extended the rods to a new length and set the maximum tension, this was the last 3rd level. At the same time, the sensations were comfortable, I can not say that they were invisible. But I was comfortable and convenient.

For the entire time I used the device, I always focused on my feelings and took off the device at the slightest discomfort. I really didn’t have any side effects, the erection only grew, I began to have sex longer and got more pleasure from it.

I recommend making a device purchase only from the official website. So you:

  • Buy a 100% original device
  • Pay the lowest price
  • The package is immediately sent to your country.
  • The purchase is absolutely safe.
  • The device is covered by a 2-year warranty
  • A refund guarantee is also valid if you are not satisfied with the results

Dr. Allan Skyler

Dr. Allan Skyler

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