Male Enhancement Creams Review and Comparison(Instant Results)

Solutions to the Problem of Erectile Dysfunction

Almost every modern man faces the problem of a weak erection. This sexual disorder can be caused by a variety of reasons, including pollution, an unhealthy diet, bad habits, taking certain drugs, and diseases.

Most men cannot live fully with the problem of a weak erection, which makes them concerned about ways to solve their sexual disorder.

Let’s consider the basic methods of overcoming dysfunction and eliminating weak erections:

  • Homemade methods that consist of certain foods, taking various tinctures and concoctions, and performing special exercises
  • The use of supplements
  • The use of devices (Bathmate hydro penis pump)

Note that if home methods and the use of special devices (e.g. Bathmate) can help in solving the problem of weak erection, then the use of Viagra is an inefficient and unsafe method.

Viagra Danger
Pharmaceutical Viagra includes a huge number of synthetic components that cause addiction and have several side effects. If a man has an addiction to Viagra, he will never be able to independently achieve a good and powerful erection.

Along with this, men have problems with their kidneys and liver as a result of using the drug. Overdose can cause serious problems to the genitourinary system.

One of the safest and most effective ways to normalize and stimulate erection today is the use of special male enhancement cream and gel.

Many certified local products (e.g., Prosolution Gel, VigRx Oil, Maxoderm) have an instant effect due to the active stimulation of blood circulation in the penis.

Made with natural components, the penis enlargement cream does not cause addiction and has a minimal number of contraindications. The absence of side effects significantly expands the circle of potential users.

4 Best Male Enhancement Creams of 2023

#1. ProSolution Gel

Rank: #1
Money back:
Prices: 1 month supply – $49.952 months  – $89.95, 3 months $129.95.
First / Max results: Instant / 60 days
Benefits: immediate sexual arousal, more intense orgasms, better stamina
Manufacturer: Leading Edge Health(USA)
Approved by: Dr. G.Alexander (M.IH Medical Herbalist)
International shipping: Yes
Official site:

One of the most effective creams that quickly, safely, and qualitatively normalizes all aspects of sexual life is ProSolution Gel. This product saturates the male body with nitric oxide, which positively affects sexual capacities.

As a result of using the erection cream, a man gets a stronger and more powerful erection, wherein the size of the penis increases by 10% to 15%. The male body becomes sexually resilient and strong, significantly prolonging sex.

Partners begin to experience orgasm, which is sometimes difficult to achieve.

Clinical Facts
In the process of using ProSolution Gel, the libido enhances, the quality of seminal fluid is improved, and sperm volume increases during ejaculation.

The preparation contains the following natural ingredients:

  • The amino acid L-arginine increases the amount of nitric oxide in the body. This is the main stimulator of blood circulation to the penis.
  • Aloe vera soothes the dermis and provides a uniform penetration of the active ingredients of the drug under the skin.
  • Bearberry extract has an antibacterial and urinary effect, which provides a positive impact on the work of the genitourinary system.
  • Mango oil acts as an aphrodisiac and as a lubricant, which makes sex more comfortable.
  • Menthol has a warming effect, positively impacting sexual performance.
  • Vitamin C enhances libido, softens the skin, and prolongs the duration of sex.

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#2. VigRX Oil

Rank: #2
Money back:
Prices: 1 month – $49.953 months  – $109.95, 6 months  – $209.8012 months –  $399.95.
First results: Instant
Max. results: 3 months
Benefits: immediate erection enhancement, better stamina, a better orgasm
Manufacturer: Leading Edge Health
Official site:

This is an innovative product used to stimulate male erection. This male enhancement cream is made based on natural oils that not only eliminate the cause of erectile dysfunction but also make sex more comfortable and painless.

The use of VigRx Oil improves the quality of sex, restores male sexual energy, and consequently raises self-esteem and self-confidence.

The cream is 100% safe, as it contains only natural herbal ingredients that are not capable of causing addiction or adverse reactions.

The remedy has an instant effect that you will notice several minutes after using it. VigRX Oil underwent official studies before the manufacturer began to sell the formula.

That is why today we have a high-quality, safe, and most importantly effective product for your erection.

The composition includes the following extracts:

  • Hawthorn berry, is a plant that stimulates blood flow and relaxes blood vessels.
  • Muira Puama stimulates sexual desire and increases the body’s intimate capabilities.
  • Catuaba is a plant that has long been used to treat erectile dysfunction.
  • Horny Goat Weed is a major testosterone stimulant that improves libido and boosts erection.
  • Cuscuta seed is rich in a huge number of antioxidants that are necessary for the full sexual functioning of the body.
  • Ginkgo Biloba is a famous plant without which it is impossible to produce a single sexual stimulant for men.

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#3. Instant Performer

Rank: #3
Money back: 60-day
Prices: 1 tube – $37, 2 tubes – $62, 3 tubes – $88.
First results: 60 seconds
Max. results: 3 months
Benefits: hard rock erections, instant arousal, and improved stamina
Official site:

A stronger and more powerful erection can be obtained daily by rubbing Instant Performer cream into the flesh of the penis. A man’s body is then saturated with sexual energy, which increases intimate strength and stamina.

Due to the effect of Instant Performer male enhancement cream, the man begins to feel like a real superhero in bed.

The product is incredibly convenient, as it can be applied a few minutes before sex, and its lubricating components will facilitate the penetration of the penis into the vagina.

The active components of the cream double the intensity of orgasm.

The product has been repeatedly tested in clinical and laboratory studies, which confirms its safety and efficiency.

The consumer will not see a single synthetic component that can cause addiction or a negative reaction:

  • Aloe vera
  • Pomegranate extract
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Catuaba bark extract
  • Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Chili pepper
  • L-arginine

This mixture guarantees the best result, which will raise your sex life to a new level.

Official Instant Performer website

#4. Maxoderm

Rank: #4
Money back: 60-day
Prices: 1 month –   $59.95, 2 months – $109.95, 3 months – $154.954 months – $199.95.
First results: Immediate
Max. results: 3 months
Benefits: powerful erections, improved stamina and sex drive, fast arousal
Approved by:  Michael A. Savino
Official site:

If you are not satisfied with the length of your penis, and your sexual activity has decreased markedly, then we want to draw your attention to the high-quality and effective Maxoderm male enhancement cream, which is designed to solve the most common sexual problems.

Note that this product is one of the most popular worldwide means for improving the transdermal size of an erection.

That is, the stimulation of penis enlargement is not due to the build-up of adipose tissue, but due to the stimulation of blood flow to the penis.

The cream consists of the following components:

  • Methyl salicylate
  • L-arginine
  • White Nettle extract
  • Catuaba extract
  • Maca extract
  • Saw Palmetto extract
  • Zinc oxide
  • Muira Puama
  • Ginseng
  • Methyl nicotinate


All considered remedies should be applied to the surface of the penis immediately before sex. Rub the mixture until it is fully absorbed.

The original and safe products can be purchased only on the manufacturer’s official website.

How Does Male Enhancement Cream Work?

A cream for the normalization of erection is a universal method that aims to normalize all aspects of sexual life. Natural creams and gels contain only herbal ingredients that have a fast effect on the male body.

Besides the fact that the cream has a visible effect on erection, normalizing its strength and power, the length of the penis significantly increases.

This result is noticeable even with the naked eye. Thanks to the active components of the creams, both partners can achieve an unforgettable orgasm.

A man stops experiencing discomfort from premature ejaculation, a condition that does not allow him to enjoy sex.

The main feature of the use of external means for erection enhancement is its immediate impact on the problem. It is possible to achieve this result due to the rapid penetration of the active ingredients into the source of the problem.

Most remedies begin to work within a few minutes after application. The principle of male creams (e.g., Prosolution Gel, VigRx Oil) is that the active substances stimulate blood flow to the cavernous tissues of the penis, which expand and increase the size of the penis. Active blood circulation in the penis is the main aspect of a strong, powerful, and prolonged erection.


We will try to uncover the main issues of how these creams work, consider their composition, and indicate the most effective remedies that have helped millions of men around the world to cope with serious problems within their sex life.

We will indicate the main differences and features among popular male enhancement creams. Readers can learn about the opinions of users regarding the work of remedies and find the recommendations of leading experts in the field of urology and sexology.

Why Choose a Male Enhancement Cream?

There are many remedies on the market, aimed at normalizing the sexual function of the male body.

Let’s consider the basic drugs and methods that can help eliminate all signs of erectile dysfunction:

1. Performing Special Exercises

Exercises like Kegel, Start-Stop, and other techniques today are actively used as an additional way to stimulate a full and high-quality erection.

 We draw your attention to the keyword "additional." Of course, such techniques are effective ways to stimulate an erection; however, they should be performed only in conjunction with the use of special preparations .

Expecting to receive a positive result only with the use of manual techniques is meaningless. Anyone who decides to regularly perform a set of exercises without using additional medications can notice a positive result only after 12-18 months. At the same time, the result will disappoint your expectations.

Also, it is crucial to perform the exercises correctly and as carefully as possible so as not to cause mechanical damage to the surface of the penis.

It is recommended to visit a certified doctor who will demonstrate the correct technique for performing the exercises before starting the implementation of the program.

2. Penis Pumps

Pumps are considered to be an effective way to stimulate an erection and penis enlargement. Pumps like Bathmate help to increase the size of the genitals and normalize the sexual functions of the body.

In the modern market, there are tons of penis pumps that are positioned as an analog of the high-quality original.

Therefore, the choice of pumps should be made with the utmost care, checking all documentation, and product certification.

Quick Note
Most men who have experienced the effects of Bathmate hydro pump, say it's less traumatic than vacuum pumps.

The effect of using Bathmate pumps may be noticeable immediately or after 7 to 14 days.                                                                         

However, the result is maintained for a rather short period. To keep the result for as long as possible, a man will need to undergo a full course of treatment, the duration of which is from 6 to 8 months.

It all depends on the intensity of the use of the device and the physiological characteristics of the male body.

3. Penis Growth Pills

The use of male enhancement pills is as similarly effective as the use of creams or devices.

The only disadvantage of pills can be their slow impact, as users must wait at least 14 days to see results.

Experts recommend paying attention to their certification and documentary evidence of clinical studies when choosing biologically active food additives.

Unscrupulous manufacturers may include synthetic ingredients that cause addiction and side reactions; So carefully study their composition when choosing pills.

VigRx Plus pills result in a stronger, more powerful, and lasting erection, which contributes to the enchanting orgasm. A man becomes energetic and sexually resilient, which allows him to satisfy his sexual partner to the maximum.

VigRx Plus pills stimulate penis enlargement, which is an important factor in male self-esteem. The composition of this nutritional supplement includes soothing herbs that have the most positive effect on the mental state of the body.

We believe the cream is the most popular remedy among all of the methods of erection enhancement. This is due to the 100% safety and effective impact of the external remedy.

The Benefits of Using Male Enhancement Creams

Let us denote the number of ProSolution Gel benefits for the normalization of male sexual health:

  • The effective impact of the ProSolution Gel active components affects all men without exception. The drug should only be used by men who are 18 or older.
  • ProSolution Gel is the most effective and fastest way to achieve a high-quality and powerful erection, which prevents premature ejaculation.
  • If you use the ProSolution Gel with a full course of treatment, the duration of which is three to six months, you can once and for all get rid of the problems of erectile dysfunction.
  • ProSolution Gel's structure is elastic, allowing the active ingredients to quickly penetrate the dermis without leaving fatty traces on its surface. The cream has a non-sticky and pleasant texture and a neutral aroma.
  • ProSolution Gel has a minimal number of contraindications.
  • Buy certified ProSolution Gel from the official manufacturer's website only so that you get a safe and genuine product.
  • Test the cream before use, rubbing a bit of remedy on the inner surface of the wrist. The cream can be diluted with baby cream if the skin turns red or burns.

Most specialists in the medical field strongly recommend that men who regularly experience discomfort from sexual disorders use natural remedies like ProSolution Gel.

Modern doctors are categorically against synthetic pharmaceutical drugs, which are addictive and negatively affect the work of the organs and systems of the human body.

Dr. Allan Skyler

Dr. Allan Skyler

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