My Own Penimaster PRO Review and Personal Results(Before/After) Pictures

Men feel confident only in the case when their sex life has a full-fledged appearance, namely, a rather strong and prolonged erection, the absence of premature ejaculation, as well as sufficiently large penis size.Otherwise, the representative of the stronger sex is experiencing discomfort not only of the sexual level but also from the psycho-emotional state.

Penimaster PRO – An Innovative Penis Enlargement Device

If you are dissatisfied with the size of your penis, then we recommend you to think about using a new generation penis stretcher called Penimaster PRO.

It is a safe and effective device that promotes the natural stimulation of penis growth and also improves sexual function.

The Penimaster PRO penis traction technology allows the installation to be worn not only in the daytime but also at night. And this several times increases the convenience and comfort of the patient.

It’s a clinically tested product, the quality and safety of which is confirmed by the relevant certificates. You will learn how this product works in this review.

The price of the device is quite affordable. It’s one of the important advantages due to which the extender deserves popularity in many countries.

A comprehensive approach to the treatment of erectile dysfunction contributes to the rapid elimination of a wide variety of sexual disorders.

The manufacturer used high-quality medical materials that do not cause negative manifestations on the skin’s surface.

The minimum number of contraindications is a unique Penimaster PRO phenomenon that allows the use of the extender to many categories of men, starting at 21.

The main design feature of the device, unlike many analogs, is that Penimaster Pro uses vacuum technology, in addition to the usual extension.

Double exposure allows you to achieve maximum penis growth results relatively quickly. The compact size of the device allows you to use the installation at home and work on a trip.

Safety And Effectiveness Of Penimaster PRO

Over the years, leading experts in urology and sexology have been working on developing a universal extension cord.

The main purpose of the penis extender is to simulate the stretching of the flesh and cave tissues, which helps to enlarge the penis.

Clinical Facts
In the course of international clinical studies, it has been proven that the device is also effective in treating Peyronie’s Disease.

That is, if a man has a congenital or acquired penis curvature, then you can get rid of it with the help of Penimaster PRO.

Experts say that using an expander is a more effective and safe method that cannot cause negative side reactions compared to a surgical procedure.

Penimaster PRO Benefits

Due to the extender’s design features, a man can increase the parameters of his penis up to 30%.

The principle of a penis enlargement device is quite simple. The thrust generated by the work of metal rods contributes to stretching the flesh and cave tissues of the penis.

In this case, a vacuum cap at the end of the structure creates the necessary pressure, stimulating blood flow to the penis. This provides additional expansion of the tissues and blood vessels.

With regular use of the penis extender, the patient notices that the positive changes become noticeable visually and functionally. Sexual life acquires more saturated and bright colors.

We offer you to get acquainted with the list of results that can be obtained during the operation of the expander:

  • Stronger orgasms
  • Increase sexual stamina, strength, and energy
  • Powerful and long erection
  • Increase the volume and improve the quality of seminal fluid
  • Stimulation of penis growth in length and volume
  • The alignment of the curvature of the penis

How to Use Penimaster PRO to Get Fast Results?

According to the customer reviews, results(Before/After pictures) and professional medical experts’ publications, Penimaster PRO has the most convenient and practical design that does not cause painful and uncomfortable sensations during its operation.

All details of the extender are made of durable, high-quality, repeatedly tested materials.

How To Use Penimaster PRO Correctly?
Penimaster PRO can be safely fixed on the surface of the penis immediately after unpacking. However, it should be treated with a special antiseptic, which will remove microbes and bacteria from the surface beforehand.

Insert the penis into the main ring, which should fit snugly to the pubic bone. The penis head should be located inside the vacuum tip. A fixing belt is pulled along the entire circumference of the hips, creating the necessary level of tension.

The duration of the extension daily wearing cord should not exceed 10 hours. The duration of a full course of treatment is from 5 to 8 months, depending on the individual physiological characteristics of the male body.

If the man begins to experience unpleasant disease-related sensations during the process of the expander is wearing, the installation should be immediately removed and fixed in a new way, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Otherwise, it may cause unpleasant consequences by stretching the flesh or any other mechanical damage. After using the extender, the installation must, just as at the very beginning, be treated with special antiseptic wipes.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

In choosing and purchasing the Penimaster PRO, many buyers have several questions, the answers to which can be obtained on thematic forums and by calling the company’s consultants.

We have collected several popular questions that can most often be seen in the browser search bar.

The build quality and materials of the device Penimaster PRO

In the process of assembling the extender, the manufacturer uses special equipment that allows for achieving constructive safety.

The materials from which the extender is made are high-quality medical metal, plastic, and rubber that meet all safety standards.


If you buy Penimaster PRO on the official website, you will receive a guarantee, which is the main proof of the effectiveness and safety of Penimaster PRO.

When the client does not receive the promised result with proper use of the device, the manufacturer undertakes to return the money spent.

The main proof of the guarantee of efficiency and high quality of the goods is a package of documents, including certificates. These documents were issued by an expert commission, which at each stage of the study, monitored the operation of the installation.

How long will it take to see the first noticeable results?

It should take at least 30 days from the moment you start using the extender before the first positive results become noticeable. Changes may concern not only the appearance of the penis but also the functional component of sexual health:

  • A longer and more powerful erection
  • The absence of premature ejaculation
  • By the end of the course of treatment, the patient sees a significant improvement in the quality of intimate capabilities, as well as more impressive parameters of the genital organ

Delivery of goods

By ordering a Penimaster PRO device, the client can be confident that his goods will be delivered as soon as possible. The delivery can be issued to any region of the globe, and the pricing of transport services will depend on this.

Customer reviews

Before purchasing any product, the user must study the reviews of men who have already experienced the Penimaster PRO vacuum expansion unit in detail. Note that all the comments we have studied are, in most cases, positive.

Can adverse reactions occur?

Negative side reactions can be observed when the user has started using the device without familiarizing himself with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Does Penimaster PRO Really work?

Some clinical studies confirm the high performance of the extender, which is several times better than most similar analogs. Take a look at my Before and After results.

How to order a device?

When a man needs to purchase an expansion device, he must decide where to do it.

Experts strongly recommend buying the device on the official manufacturer’s website, which implements the original and high-quality goods at an affordable price. Regular promotions and discounts, found on the official resource, save the consumer budget.

To order Penimaster PRO, buyers must fill out an online application on the trading floor or call the phone number listed on the site.

Having specified all points of interest for himself, the client can safely pay for the goods with a bank card or an electronic payment. The client has the right to exchange or return the goods in case of the detection of damage or defects on the installation surface.

You can change your life with Penimaster PRO. Every man can improve the quality of his sexual life by stimulating the growth of his reproductive organ with the help of the new Penimaster PRO expansion unit.

There is a significant improvement in intimate health in the operation of the device, which directly affects sexual function. Anyone who can order a new-generation extender right now can experience more intense orgasms.

Chapter 1: Understanding the PeniMaster Pro Belt and Rod Extenders

1.1 Introduction to PeniMaster Pro An overview of the PeniMaster Pro Belt and Rod Extenders, emphasizing their role in penis enlargement and how they differ from other methods.

Chapter 2: The Science Behind PeniMaster Pro

2.1 Mechanism of Action Explaining the mechanics of how the PeniMaster Pro Belt and Rod Extenders work, with a focus on the principles of traction therapy.

2.2 Clinical Evidence and Research Discussing scientific studies and clinical trials that support the effectiveness of PeniMaster Pro, providing evidence for their claims.

Chapter 3: Preparing for Use

3.1 Consultation with a Healthcare Professional The importance of consulting a healthcare provider before beginning penis enlargement using the PeniMaster Pro Belt and Rod Extenders.

3.2 Understanding Your Device An in-depth examination of the components of PeniMaster Pro, including the belt and rod extenders, and how to assemble and customize them for proper fit.

Chapter 4: How to Use PeniMaster Pro Belt and Rod Extenders

4.1 Step-by-Step Instructions for the PeniMaster Pro Belt A comprehensive guide on how to use the PeniMaster Pro Belt, from preparation and application to adjustments and removal.

4.2 Step-by-Step Instructions for PeniMaster Pro Rod Extenders Detailed instructions on how to use the PeniMaster Pro Rod Extenders, including fitting, tension adjustment, and wearing.

Chapter 5: Recommended Usage Schedule

5.1 Establishing a Usage Schedule Advice on creating a consistent and effective usage schedule for the PeniMaster Pro Belt and Rod Extenders, including session duration and frequency.

Chapter 6: Safety and Comfort Considerations

6.1 Ensuring Comfort During Use Tips on how to ensure comfort while wearing the PeniMaster Pro Belt and Rod Extenders, including proper adjustments and alignment.

6.2 Managing Potential Side Effects Discussion of potential side effects and how to address them, such as adjusting tension levels and allowing for rest periods.

Chapter 7: Monitoring Progress

7.1 Keeping Track of Results The importance of tracking and documenting your progress with the PeniMaster Pro Belt and Rod Extenders, as well as discussing your findings with a healthcare provider.

Chapter 8: Maintenance and Device Care

8.1 Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions on how to clean and maintain the PeniMaster Pro Belt and Rod Extenders to ensure their longevity and effectiveness.

Chapter 9: Combining PeniMaster Pro with Other Methods

9.1 Supplementary Treatments Information on how to combine the PeniMaster Pro Belt and Rod Extenders with other enhancement methods if recommended by healthcare providers.


Summarize the key points discussed in the article, emphasizing the importance of proper and consistent use of the PeniMaster Pro Belt and Rod Extenders in achieving desired results. Encourage readers to make informed decisions based on their individual needs and goals.

By the end of this comprehensive guide, readers will have a clear understanding of how to use the PeniMaster Pro Belt and Rod Extenders effectively and safely in their pursuit of penis enlargement. Armed with this knowledge, they can embark on their journeys toward self-improvement and enhanced self-confidence.

Chapter 1: The Significance of Real Testimonials

1.1 The Role of Testimonials Exploring why testimonials matter in the context of penis enlargement and how they offer inspiration and guidance to those considering the use of PeniMaster Pro.

Chapter 2: Real-Life Success Stories

2.1 Testimonial 1: John's Journey to Confidence John's personal account of how PeniMaster Pro helped him achieve noticeable gains in penis size, leading to improved self-esteem and sexual satisfaction.

2.2 Testimonial 2: Mark's Transformation with PeniMaster Pro Mark's story of how he overcame initial skepticism to witness substantial improvements in both length and girth, ultimately enhancing his self-image.

2.3 Testimonial 3: James' Remarkable Experience James shares his journey from self-doubt to newfound confidence, attributing his success to the consistent use of PeniMaster Pro and its positive impact on his intimate relationships.

Chapter 3: Overcoming Skepticism

3.1 Testimonial 4: David's Test of Patience David's account of how he persevered through initial skepticism and gradually witnessed impressive results with PeniMaster Pro, ultimately regaining his sexual self-assurance.

Chapter 4: The Emotional Impact

4.1 Testimonial 5: Michael's Story of Emotional Liberation Michael opens up about the emotional burden he carried due to his insecurities, how PeniMaster Pro changed his life, and the relief he felt in his relationships.

Chapter 5: Achieving Personal Growth

5.1 Testimonial 6: Richard's Journey to Self-Discovery Richard's heartfelt narrative about his transformative journey with PeniMaster Pro and the personal growth he experienced in the process.

Chapter 6: Testimonials from Diverse Perspectives

6.1 Testimonial 7: William's Perspective as a Younger User William, a younger user, shares his unique perspective on using PeniMaster Pro, emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance and confidence at any age.

Chapter 7: The Importance of Consistency

7.1 Testimonial 8: Daniel's Story of Dedication Daniel's story of how his unwavering commitment to PeniMaster Pro and consistency in usage led to remarkable results, reinforcing the significance of dedication.

Chapter 8: PeniMaster Pro as a Life-Changer

8.1 Testimonial 9: Thomas' Journey to Regained Confidence Thomas shares his story of how PeniMaster Pro was a life-changing experience, restoring his self-esteem and revitalizing his relationships.

Chapter 9: Inspiring Others

9.1 Testimonial 10: Jason's Desire to Inspire Jason's account of how his own success with PeniMaster Pro motivated him to help others embark on their journeys towards self-improvement.

These real-life testimonials from individuals who have experienced the transformative power of PeniMaster Pro provide a compelling testament to the device's effectiveness and its potential to boost self-confidence. Their stories highlight the importance of self-acceptance, dedication, and personal growth, ultimately inspiring others to consider the possibilities of self-improvement through innovative solutions like PeniMaster Pro.

How does Penimaster PRO work

The PeniMaster Pro system is designed to work based on the principles of traction therapy. It is a penis enlargement device that uses controlled, gentle tension to stimulate the growth of penile tissue. Here's how the PeniMaster Pro system works:

  1. Traction Mechanism: The core principle behind the PeniMaster Pro system is traction. Traction therapy has been used in various medical fields, including orthopedics, for decades. In the case of penile enlargement, it involves applying a controlled and adjustable amount of tension to the penis.
  2. Device Components: The PeniMaster Pro system consists of several key components:
    • Belt: This is worn around the waist and acts as an anchor point for the device.
    • Vacuum Chamber: The vacuum chamber covers the penis and creates a seal to maintain a vacuum.
    • Rod Extenders: These attach to the vacuum chamber and allow for adjustable tension to be applied.
    • Vacuum Protector Cap: It ensures a comfortable fit and safety by preventing excessive vacuum pressure.
  3. Application: To use the PeniMaster Pro system, the wearer first attaches the belt around their waist. They then place their flaccid penis into the vacuum chamber and secure it in place. The vacuum chamber is connected to the rod extenders, which can be adjusted to apply the desired amount of tension.
  4. Tension Adjustment: The user can control the amount of tension applied to the penis by adjusting the rod extenders. This tension gently stretches the penile tissues, including the tunica albuginea and the corpora cavernosa.
  5. Stimulating Growth: The controlled and consistent traction created by the PeniMaster Pro system stimulates the growth of new tissue cells in the penis. This process is known as "cellular mitosis" and is similar to how other tissues in the body respond to stretching and tension by growing and repairing themselves.
  6. Usage Guidelines: Users are typically recommended to wear the PeniMaster Pro system for several hours a day, over an extended period (weeks to months), to achieve meaningful results. The device is designed to be comfortable for long-term use.
  7. Monitoring Progress: Users are encouraged to track their progress over time and make adjustments to the tension levels based on their goals and comfort. This is often done with the guidance of a healthcare professional.
  8. Safety Considerations: The PeniMaster Pro system includes safety features, such as the vacuum protector cap, to prevent excessive pressure and discomfort. Users should always follow the manufacturer's guidelines and consult with a healthcare provider if they experience any discomfort or side effects.

In summary, the PeniMaster Pro system works by applying controlled and adjustable tension to the penis, which stimulates tissue growth and, over time, can lead to penile enlargement. It is designed to be safe, comfortable, and effective when used according to the manufacturer's instructions and under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Penimaster PRO studies

Here are some key points regarding the studies and research associated with PeniMaster Pro:

  1. Manufacturer-Supported Studies: The manufacturer of PeniMaster Pro claims to have conducted clinical studies to support the effectiveness and safety of their device. These studies are often cited on their website as evidence of its benefits.
  2. Limited Independent Research: It's important to note that independent, peer-reviewed studies on PeniMaster Pro may be limited or not widely available. This means that most of the research supporting the device is conducted or funded by the manufacturer, which can raise questions about potential bias.
  3. Scientific Rationale: The theoretical basis for devices like PeniMaster Pro is rooted in the concept of traction therapy. Traction is a well-established technique used in various medical fields, such as orthopedics, for tissue elongation and growth. In the case of PeniMaster Pro, the idea is to stimulate the growth of penile tissue through controlled tension.
  4. User Testimonials: Many of the claims about PeniMaster Pro's effectiveness are based on user testimonials and personal experiences. While these testimonials can provide insights into individual experiences, they are anecdotal and not a substitute for controlled scientific studies.
  5. Consulting a Healthcare Professional: Before using PeniMaster Pro or any similar device, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional, such as a urologist or a specialist in sexual health. They can provide guidance, evaluate your specific situation, and help you make an informed decision.
  6. Safety Considerations: While traction therapy can be a safe and effective method for some individuals, it's crucial to use devices like PeniMaster Pro according to the manufacturer's guidelines and under medical supervision. Overuse or incorrect usage can lead to discomfort or potential side effects.
  7. Personalized Approach: Results with PeniMaster Pro can vary from person to person. It's essential to have realistic expectations and understand that the effectiveness of the device may depend on factors like consistency of use, individual biology, and adherence to the recommended guidelines.

In summary, PeniMaster Pro claims to have conducted clinical studies and research to support its effectiveness and safety in penis enlargement. However, independent, peer-reviewed studies may be limited, and potential users should approach the claims with caution. Consulting with a healthcare professional is advisable before using any penis enlargement device to ensure safety and suitability for individual needs and goals.

Penimaster PRO vs Phallosan Forte

PeniMaster Pro and Phallosan Forte are both penis enlargement devices that use traction therapy to promote tissue growth and potentially increase penis size. While they share some similarities in their core principles, they also have differences in terms of design, features, and user experience. Here's a comparison of PeniMaster Pro and Phallosan Forte:

  1. Design and Components:
    • PeniMaster Pro: The PeniMaster Pro system includes a belt worn around the waist, a vacuum chamber to cover the penis, rod extenders for adjustable tension, and a vacuum protector cap for comfort and safety. The design allows for customization and precise tension adjustment.
    • Phallosan Forte: Phallosan Forte features a waist belt, a vacuum bell to cover the penis, and a tension strap system. The vacuum bell uses a unique suction-based design to create a seal around the penis.
  2. Mechanism of Action:
    • PeniMaster Pro: PeniMaster Pro works by applying controlled tension to the penis through the use of rod extenders. The user can adjust the tension level to their comfort and desired level of stretch.
    • Phallosan Forte: Phallosan Forte also employs traction therapy but uses a vacuum bell to create a gentle vacuum seal around the penis. This design allows for uniform tension distribution.
  3. Comfort and Wearability:
    • PeniMaster Pro: PeniMaster Pro is designed to be comfortable for extended wear. The adjustable tension and vacuum protector cap aim to minimize discomfort during use.
    • Phallosan Forte: Phallosan Forte is known for its comfortable fit, largely due to the vacuum bell design, which is intended to evenly distribute tension and reduce pressure points.
  4. Clinical Studies:
    • PeniMaster Pro: The manufacturer claims to have conducted clinical studies supporting the effectiveness and safety of PeniMaster Pro. However, many of these studies may be sponsored or conducted by the manufacturer.
    • Phallosan Forte: Similar to PeniMaster Pro, Phallosan Forte has studies and research cited by the manufacturer to validate its claims. As with PeniMaster Pro, these studies should be interpreted with caution.
  5. User Experience:
    • Both devices have a dedicated user base and a range of user testimonials and reviews available online. User experiences can vary widely, with some individuals reporting positive results and others experiencing minimal or no changes.
  6. Maintenance:
    • Both devices require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure hygiene and longevity. Proper care is essential to prevent wear and tear.
  7. Availability and Price:
    • The availability and pricing of both devices may vary by region. Users should check the manufacturer's official websites or authorized retailers for current pricing and availability.
  8. Consultation with Healthcare Professionals:
    • It's crucial for individuals considering either device to consult with a healthcare professional, such as a urologist or sexual health specialist, to determine the suitability and safety of using these devices based on individual health and goals.

In summary, both PeniMaster Pro and Phallosan Forte are traction-based penis enlargement devices designed to stimulate tissue growth. The choice between the two may come down to personal preference regarding design and comfort. Additionally, consulting with a healthcare professional before using either device is advisable to ensure safety and effectiveness for individual needs and goals.

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