Penomet Results (Month-by-Month). Some Before and After Pictures

Hello everyone, this will be the most useful review of the Penomet pump, which you have ever read. 

5 minutes of your time right now will save you dozens of hours reading forums, viewing Youtube and reading useless blogs whose authors have never seen a live pump.

In this review, I will tell you how the Penomet pump will help increase your penis by 1-2 inches in length and 30% in girth, strengthen an erection,  get rid of from premature ejaculation, and fix your penis curvature. Look no further for other helpful videos, this one is all you need to choose the best penis enhancement product.

Surely you have tried to shy your penis size your whole life and worry about what your sexual partner will think about your small penis.

What if I tell you that natural penis enlargement does not require a lot of time and efforts. It is not connected with any risks for health and it does not require a complex training program or painful exercises? The first results in a month, final results – in 6 months.

With Penomet you will be able to increase your penis size, get rid of the complexes once and forever. You will become confident in your sexual relationships and you will get to climax easy.

All this possible because of the latest development – a Penomet hydro pump. Its action is clinically proven and numerous customer reviews confirm its effectiveness and safety.

Penomet Benefits, and Results(Before/After)

Let’s quickly find out why Penomet Premium will bring you a new quality of sex life.

In this review I will tell:

  1. Why Penomet is the easiest and safest device to increase the penis and strengthen erection.
  2. How is Penomet different from vacuum pumps?
  3. Why is this the highest quality medical device?
  4. How safe is it and how does it work?
  5. What is a gaiter system and how does it work?
  6. What are Penomet packages, which one to choose, where to order, how to get it received?
  7. How long to wait for the results and what will they be like? Before and after pictures
  8. Motivation is the key to penis enlargement results.
  9. How to use the pump as efficiently as possible?

Why is Penomet is Not Just a Regular Penis Pump?

Do not confuse Penomet with a regular vacuum penis pump, which can be bought for $30 in any sex shop and that does not help you enlarge the penis, but will only aggravate your problems if used improperly.

Quality, Materials, Manufacturer

As soon as you take the Penomet penis pump in your hand, you realize that this is a professional device made following all medical standards. The manufacturer did not save on its production, it looks very high quality and soundly.

You want to try it immediately and without any doubts. Just look at this pump – its cylinder is made of heavy-duty polycarbonate, we’ve got Penomet’s Gaither system, the pressure and suction are controlled with a valve. The pump is produced by Arctic Sea Limited, based in Iceland.

How Safe is Penomet Premium?

Do not forget for which purpose you buy this device and for which part of your body. It’s for your dick!

Did You Know?
In fact, the fear of harming yourself is 90% of the reasons why men refuse to buy any penis enlargement device.

Penomet penis enlargement pump has paid the most attention to the development of the quality and safe device. There are official certificates of quality, service warranty, patented technology, and clinical results. Is it not enough?

This review will prove that this device can never harm your penis while being extremely effective in terms of penis enlargement and erection enhancement.

How Does Penomet Work?
You simply put on a suitable Gaiter, fill the pump with water while standing in the shower or lying in the bathroom and create a vacuum that helps stretch the penis and soften micro-tears of the tissue with water.

This is brilliant and the result will remain for a long time! The pressure is distributed evenly throughout the penis, it does not cause harm, does not create discomfort, and works gently.

With the help of gaiters, you can adjust it and enhance the effectiveness of pumping. I’ll make another article about how the pump works, just subscribe to my blog and get notified when a new article appears.

Click here to order a Penomet pump

Gaiter System is the Penomet Invention

There are 5 gaiters that are designed for different levels of pressure and comfort – 60, 65,70,75,80. As you guessed, 60 is the very first gaiter to try with the least pressure to begin. And then – you need to change the gaiters consistently when your penis is ready and trained enough.

There are only 3 Penomet packages available on the official site (you can find the link below this article). They are called Standard, Extra and Premium. The cheapest package costs only $127 and it includes only one 70 gaiters.

That’s enough for a start, but I would recommend buying an Extra or Premium package because the Extra includes 3 gaiters, and Premium – all gaiters available + it comes with a Shower strap. This item helps free your hands during pumping in the shower.

If you have already decided to buy a Penomet penis pump, are you ready to buy additional gaiters with time? It will be more expensive and time-consuming. That’s why it’s better to order the Premium package with gaiters 60,65,70,75 and 80.

I will tell you about my problem. I didn’t just become a blogger and talk about various devices for penis enlargement. I have the same problem as you – a small penis, besides, I also have premature ejaculation.

I already started my penis enlargement routine and I have succeeded a lot and I am not going to stop until I reach my goals.

Penomet Results – How Long to Wait for Penis Enlargement?

I saw the power of an erection after the very first usage of Penomet. You can see before and after results from real users. A month later, I have seen slight gains. You have no idea how does it motivate to use the device when you try it. Penis pumping is a new experience and there is nothing to scare because of the suction in so gently and comfortably.

When you buy the Penomet penis pump – you become more confident. That’s what happened to me once I started my routine. I do not know how to explain it, but it’s similar to my Gym visits. When I do the sport I feel a better man.

Thousands of reasons and prejudices stop them from the very idea of using a device. Write in the comments about why you did not dare to take the first step? I’m interested to hear your stories.

How to Overcome Yourself and Start Using Penomet?

Discard everything, make sure it works, choose the right product, and go further. You go to the gym if you do not have muscles.

 You buy Penomet penis pump If you have a small penis, erection problems, premature ejaculation, or curved penis . You have got the fuse, knowledge, you know how it works and why to use it. Now just simply click the link below this article to buy the pump.

Why Can I Trust Penomet?

Read male enhancement forums, go ahead, look for real reviews to rid of your doubts. Penis pumping with the help of Penomet works, there are tons of medical publications about it.

There is another hydro penis pump called Bathmate Hydromax, you can buy it instead of Penomet, but it works differently. Bathmate does not offer any additional gaiters, there is only one attached.

Quick Note
The product is certified, it is made in the USA, it is sold all over the world for years, there are hundreds of thousands of customers.

How to Use Penomet?
  1. Fill the pump with water, warm up in the bathroom.
  2. Insert your penis into a tube and tightly fix the base of the pump to the pubic bone.
  3. Do pumping for 3-4 minutes with a break, 3 sets. Just 15 minutes of your time and that’s enough.
  4. It’s best to use Penomet for 10 weeks. The key to your penis enlargement success is motivation, do not forget about this, think about your goals.


How simple is it? Show me the first result and I will believe you. You will become a real Penomet fan when you see that everything works as claimed.

You will use the pump with such an inspiration and excitement that you will regret only one thing – that you have not done it before.

Be sure to share your opinion with me after the purchase. I’m waiting for your comments here, and, of course, subscribe to the blog, to get notified once the new article will appear.

How to order the Penomet penis pump?

You can go to the Penomet website via the link below this article to order this pump. It will be packaged and arrived shortly.

The price is pretty stable now and all the packages are in stock, there is an international delivery option available. You will receive a lifetime warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee when you place official order.

Tune on a Simple Work Over the Increase in Penis Size

Just 15 minutes a day, consider that you just take a longer bath or shower. Know that you use the most powerful technology named Penomet, which always gives the result. Motivate yourself to do it every day. The main thing is the result, received safely and easily.

Don’t Forget Why are You Doing This

In a few months, your life will change, your penis will become bigger, exactly like your self-confidence. No longer need to feel shy, hide your penis away, your sexual partner will see the difference in the sexual relationships.

You will be able to satisfy a woman by getting to her getting to G-spot. Your dick should be no less than 18 cm. You can excite her more because women also watch porn and want a penis of her lover, husband, boyfriend to be at least NOT SMALL.

Do you know how confident you’ll be in the bedroom? A bigger penis is better sex, this is a pleasure for both partners, this is the excitement of the partner to such an extent that she will stop again and again.

Penomet 3.0 – an updated version of the penis pump has just entered the market, which can already be purchased. It has become even more powerful, safer and more comfortable. You have the opportunity to buy the latest Penomet 3.0 pump and tell us about your feelings in the comments.

Penomet System

Penomet uses several new developments in its design:

Penomet Gaiters system

To systematically increase the penis and achieve results, it is important to change the pressure in the pump.

This is the successful extension of the penis in length and width. The gateway system developed by Penomet allows you to change the pressure. I recommend starting with a gaiter 60, next week you can use 65, then 70.

At the Penomet there is an official program of use and about this, we will write a separate article. Subscribe to the blog and learn about its appearance.

AquaPessure system

In addition to the gaiters, Penomet uses its own development AquaPessure system for creating a vacuum in water and even without it. The essence of penis enlargement is to create the right body for the entire length of the penis, each of its cells. Regular air pumps act locally and unevenly, hence the poor results.

Pressure Control Valve

A special pressure control valve acts automatically, allowing you to work comfortably with the pressure inside the tube. You can increase the pressure with a simple movement and also easily release it simply by switching the valve to the side.

How to Use Penomet. A Special Program for You

So, go to the most simple, interesting, and exciting. It’s time to start using the pump and the sooner you start, the better. Only 5 simple rules, the simplest program of pumping calculated for the period of 10 weeks and a little patience.

How to use Penomet in a Shower:

  • First, select a gaiter to use and connect it to the device. Beginners should start the first week using a foam meter with a gatekeeper number 60. He has his color, so you can’t go wrong. Check that the gaiter is properly connected.
  • Warm-up. A pleasant shower for 5-10 minutes is a great way to set up your dick to the correct pumping. Similarly, you can soak for 5-10 minutes in a hot bath before putting on a pump.
  • A small erection does not hurt. Ideally, you can masturbate to achieve an erection of 70-80%. So it will be more effective.
  • Fill the cylinder with water, holding the valve at its base so that water does not overflow.
  • Now just put the pump on the grip on your penis and make a couple of pumping movements to create pressure, you will immediately feel it.
  • If you want to use the shower strap, it’s time to plug it in and put a belt around your neck. Let me remind you, a shower strap helps just let go of your hands and avoid holding the pump. But this is not necessary, it’s also easy to hold it with your hands. Because the cylinder is made of plastic, not glass, it is very light and easy to work with.
  • Relax and repeat the pumping every 2-3 minutes, keeping the pressure inside the pump. Remember, you must feel the pressure to really stretch your penis and make pumping effective. Make sure you feel comfortable. Just 15-20 minutes and you can finish.
  • To stop pumping and remove the pump, you just need to switch the valve by turning it to the side, the pressure immediately drops and you can get a member of the cylinder.

You will have a manual with a detailed pumping plan for each week.

What Happens During Penomet Penis Pumping?

In short, pumping should be done 5 times a week for 15-20 minutes with a break of 2 days to rest the penis. During pumping cells of the penis, tissues begin to divide and new cells form an additional length of tissues.

Any stretching of tissues at the micro-level creates micro-tears of the tissues, the water that Penomet uses in its work helps to mitigate the effect of micro gaps, new cells grow fairly quickly filling gaps. Due to the water, Penomet doesn’t have side effects.

To read more information about penis pumps benefits, click here mayoclinic.

Dr. Allan Skyler

Dr. Allan Skyler

Dr. Allan is a urologist in Los Angeles. He received his medical degree from Creighton University School of Medicine. Contact me

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