Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy

In this article, we will talk about the privacy policy that we adhere to. You will find out how we use your data, what kind of data we collect, for what purposes. You can find out how we store information about you and what we do for the convenience of working with the site.

The usual information we collect

Our site has traffic analysis counters. We see from which browser you are coming from, which pages you are looking at, we can even watch video sessions of your presence on the site. At the same time, we do not collect any personal information about you, do not store it or transfer it to third parties. Your website browsing may be private with certain settings of your browser that blocks cookies.

Cookies and their use at

Like all sites on the Internet, we collect cookies. These are files that help you load the site faster, and us – save the history of your use of the site. At the same time, we can only know your IP, browser, the type of device from which you go to the site. We know from which site you went to our resource. Such data is standard, we do not ask you to leave any information about yourself on our website.

Comments on the site

You can register on our site to leave comments. In this case, you only fill out the email, you can take yourself a nickname. We store information about you for the subsequent login to the site. You can always delete your account, change your data. In doing so, we store information that is superficial. We do not require or store any personal information from you.

Why are we collecting website traffic statistics?

Using cookies, we monitor how quickly our website loads, what information interests you more, what technical errors prevent you from accessing the required information. All this is necessary for us to better serve visitors. We are interested in your bookmarking this site and returning to us more often.