Quick Extender Pro Review: Packages, Features and Usage

Every second man experiences several emotions that are associated with the intimate aspect of his life.

Most men often say that they are not satisfied with their penis length, girth and erection hardness.

This causes many problems not only in sexual life but also in the physical and psycho-emotional state of a man. However, modern medicine has found a solution to this problem: a special penis traction device called the Quick Extender Pro.

There is a lot of different penis stretching devices on the market – vacuum and rod-based. These products differ in quality, design, and price. We strongly recommend choosing the Quick Extender Pro rod extender for its unique DSS(double strap support) system, comfort, and results.

Quick Extender Pro Benefits

Brief review:

Money back: 180 days
Success rate: 95%
Years on the market: 10+
Materials: 100% medical
First/max results: 30 days (6%)/180 days (36%)
Prices: $119.93 (Value Edition), $179.93 (Deluxe standard), $349.93 (Deluxe Limited), $179.99 (Curvature & Peyronie’s edition)
Manufacturer: Innova Tech Design(USA)
Shipping: Free worldwide shipping
Official store: http://quickextenderpro.com

My Results: Before and After Pictures

Here are my “Before results” with Quick Extender Pro(pictures)

Here are my before and after results pictures

Here are the results I received after 6 months(pictures)

Quick Extender Pro is a patented penis stretching device that has been repeatedly tested by clinical studies for efficacy and safety.

Clinical Facts
In a recent study by the University of Turin, it was proved that some penis stretchers help to increase penis size by 32%.

Most men prefer the Quick Extender Pro due to its affordable cost and numerous benefits.

The device has a compact size, which means it does not cause discomfort and is not noticeable under clothing. Therefore, many users can comfortably use the device outside the home.

Note that the penis enlargement results obtained with the use of Quick Extender Pro last permanently. The minimal contraindications have made the device a popular device among men all over the world.

Quick Extender Pro Construction

During the development of the Quick Extender Pro, the manufacturer uses the technological DSS system, which helps to obtain an effective result in the minimum amount of time.

The Quick Extender Pro is made of high-quality medical materials that do not cause any negative manifestations on the surface of sensitive skin.

Fixing the base and the head of the penis are carried out using two durable silicone tubes that allow the user to reliably control the tension force.

Thus, the penis is securely fixed on the installation, which prevents it from slipping, a problem that is characteristic of most modern extenders.

Strong aluminum rods allow the user to adjust the size of the device but the fixation depends on the man’s current penis size.

All components used are clinically tested raw materials. Quick Extender Pro possesses a multitude of quality certificates, confirming the effectiveness and safety of using the device.

What Results Can Be Achieved With the Quick Extender Pro?

Before you purchase this penis enlargement device, learn what effect will be obtained.

We advise that you get acquainted with the list of results that I have received:

Increased penis size

Note that the penis growth process provides an increase in penis length and width. The man gains a more impressive penis size, which becomes visually noticeable.

Improved sexual capabilities of the body

The penis traction has a positive effect on the strength, power, and duration of the erection. There is a significant increase in the level of libido, which manifests itself in the form of sexual attraction.

A man begins to experience longer and more powerful orgasms. The ejaculate volume increases, while the quality of sperm is significantly improved. This has a positive effect on reproductive body function.

Penis straightening

Alignment of the penis curvature (getting rid of the symptoms of Peyronie's disease).

The man becomes more confident in his physical and sexual strength and in his intimate superiority. At the expense of its stressful situations, depression is minimized and the mood considerably improves.

Quick Extender Pro Packages and Prices

Quick Extender Pro produces a whole line of packaged products that are different in their price and configuration.

Consider the main proposals, among which the user can choose the most suitable option:

  • #1. Deluxe Limited Edition is an extended offer that includes several spare parts, video instructions, a box for storing the device, Rizer XL male enhancement supplement that enhances the penis extension results, as well as a special air penis pump.
    Price: $349.94.
  • #2. Deluxe Standard Edition is a standard set that includes some spare parts, video instruction, Rizer XL pills, and a box for storing the device.
    Price: $179.93.
  • #3. Value Edition is a basic set with a minimum number of additional parts. Instead of a box for storing the extender, it is equipped with a special case.
    Price: $119.93.
  • #4. Curvature & Peyronies Edition is a package that is designed to equalize the penis curvature. This consists of the same set of spare parts as the standard kit.
    Price: $179.99.


Consumers can also purchase parts and accessories separately by visiting the manufacturer’s official online store.

What Do Customers Say About Quick Extender Pro?

You can find a huge number of penis enlargement forums where users discuss Quick Extender Pro. So, most of the reviews are positive. Men note that the manufacturer’s specifications and results correspond to reality.

Quick Note
Many users claim that since using the Quick Extender Pro, not only has their mood improved but also their physical strength and energy. Also, their orgasms are more intense and pronounced.

Men claim that their relationship with their girlfriend or wife has reached a new, higher-level after using the device. All these characteristics belong to more than 80% of users. The remaining 20% say that they did not manage to get the desired result.

After contacting the commenters, we managed to find out that these users did not adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations; this concerns the duration of daily wearing and the course as a whole.

 Therefore, experts strongly recommend that you study the instructions in detail and watch the video instruction before you begin using the Quick Extender Pro .

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you trust the effectiveness of the device?

The customers' trust in Quick Extender Pro is caused by the fact that it possesses several certificates confirming its quality as well as effective and safe use. This is a clinically tested product that has thousands of positive reviews on forums.

Is it comfortable and safe to use the extender?

The comfort of using the Quick Extender Pro lies in its compact and small sizes, which do not hinder movement, and, accordingly, a man can wear it in the daytime.

Experts recommend getting acquainted with the instructions to protect yourself from adverse reactions.

It is strictly forbidden to use the Quick Extender Pro at night because that is when the sensitivity of the body decreases.

Where is the device made?

Quick Extender Pro is made in the United States. The developer is a popular brand that has an excellent reputation among users.

How long do I have to wait to see positive results?

A man needs to undergo a full course of treatment, which can take five to eight months to get maximum results.

How does the Quick Extender Pro work?

The Quick Extender Pro action is a completely safe process based on the stretching of the cavernous tissues of the penis.

It helps to improve the blood flow to the penis, which contributes to its extension. This is a natural stimulation process that normalizes all aspects of a man’s sexual life.

How to use Quick Extender Pro

You must perform a few simple steps to fix the extender on the penis. The process takes no longer than 60 seconds.

Simply insert the penis into the base of the installation and pass it through the two silicone retaining rings. Pre-locking, the user must adjust the length of the aluminum rods.

Step1: you need to assemble the device. The total length of Quick Extender Pro is 3,6 inches. Please add some rods according to your penis size. 4 cm longer than your flaccid penis. You can make it semi-erect if it's too small.

How to use Quick Extender Pro step1

Step 2: Use Band-aid to wear the Quick Extender Pro comfortably. Use 2 silicone loops and Foam pads or memory foam pads. Here is my instruction on how to use Quick Extender Pro.

Here's how to use Quick Extender Pro

Step 3: You need to tight well the loops to hold the penis in the Quick Extender Pro construction

Step 3: How to use Quick Extender Pro

The Best Combination of Price and Quality

Quick Extender Pro is a great combination of affordable pricing and high quality that are on par with security. Each package differs in its attributes, accessories, and additional details, so the consumer must choose the most preferable package for himself.

Quick Extender Pro is a reliable device that has been developed by specialists in the fields of urology and sexology. The reliability and the product quality are evidenced by certificates, which can be found on the official website. Here, the client can purchase the original device at a significantly reduced cost through regular promotions and discounts.

Buying goods from the manufacturer’s official website is a guarantee that you purchase a quality product, which will give a 100% positive result.

Click here to visit the Quick Extender Pro website

Benefits of using Quick Extender Pro

This device is positioned today as one of the best on the market, primarily because it meets the needs of most users:

  1. The device adapts as much as possible to the anatomical features of your penis
  2. The device in the maximum package has many accessories for comfort, including Memory Foam Pads
  3. None of the manufacturers of extenders say that when using an extender, you can suffer from bacterial infections that occur in the place where the head of the penis is held. With its accessories for comfort and health, Quick Extender Pro protects you from such problems.
  4. No other extender on the market provides such control over the process of stretching and straightening the penis as Quick Extender Pro. First of all, due to its own DSS technology, which allows you to distribute the load on holding the structure on the penis in 2 places. This helps to wear the device longer and prevents the penis from slipping out.
  5. Included Quick Extender Pro comes with an erection pump, which is recommended for improving erectile functions, as well as differentiating in matters of penis elongation
  6. The kit also includes pills to improve erection and stimulate blood circulation to the penis.
  7. It should be noted that Quick Extender Pro offers a variety of replacement accessories and springs with different types of loads up to 4000 gr. I am sure that the maximum that you will use is no more than 1800 gr, and, nevertheless, the power of the springs from Quick Extender Pro lets you use it to the max
  8. Most extenders, whether rod or vacuum, have their drawbacks in use. For example, vacuum ones are more comfortable but have mediocre results. Penis enlargement with Phallosan devices Forte and Penimaster PRO can occur over 8-12 months. Other extenders with a rigid bar design simply cannot be worn for more than 1 hour, as they rub in the area of \u200b\u200battaching to the head of the penis. They also cannot maintain tension settings with high quality since the penis can slip out. In this case, the penis traction technology is violated

My opinion about Quick Extender Pro results

Really Quick Extender I found the Pro to be quite bulky at first - I had the ultimate package with lots of accessories and elements. When I saw such a variety, I became confused and began to study the instructions frantically.

But in reality, it turned out - everything was too simple, the instruction was not only textual, but I also watched it online on Youtube. The assembly was not complicated, and I managed to assemble the perfect device for me in just 20 minutes. For the first time! I studied everything very carefully to set both the length, use the correct nozzles, set the springs, and set the desired tension level.

Putting on the extender was also easy - I did everything according to the steps described in the video tutorial. As a result, I slightly increased the thrust and shoved the entire structure into my pants.

The first time, the sensations were very unusual since I had never used such devices before. For my penis, this was also new. Of course, I just could not pay attention to anything and concentrated only on what was happening in my pants right now.

The first time I was able to wear the device for no more than 30 minutes, there was an excessive load. So I removed the device and gave a light massage to the penis.

The next day I was able to last about 50 minutes. In general, for the first week, I held the device from 1 hour to 1.5 hours in comfort. In fact, discomfort arises from habit, and it is not associated with any pain or side effects. And more - with physiological addiction to this type of load.

My erection from using Quick Extender Pro was ok. Also, after wearing the extender, I did not feel any discomfort. Everything was wonderful.

So in the first month, I was able not only to get 2.5-3.5 hours of use per day with a break of 1.5 hours but also increased the length of the bars because my penis increased by 1 inch.

I used the extender almost daily, writing down my routine, my data, tracking my progress. I dealt with this issue seriously did not forget to massage the penis and look at my feelings after each use.

As a result - after three months, the penis has increased by 1.8 inches, and after 4-5 months - by 2.5 inches.

The main thing in this device was functionality and maximum customization of all parameters for myself. Thanks to Memory Comfort, Pads were the most comfortable to wear. I confess that I used up almost all the additional comfort accessories in 5 months.

But the device seemed to me to be highly accurate, medical, and reliable. So I recommend it to everyone!

Dr. Allan Skyler

Dr. Allan Skyler

Dr. Allan is a urologist in Los Angeles. He received his medical degree from Creighton University School of Medicine. Contact me drallanskyller@gmail.com

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