Does Semenax Work? My Real Before and After Results(Pictures)

An increase in sperm count is a normal desire for a sexually mature man who wants to get the most out of sex and get rid of his constraints or complexes.

Passion, desire, pleasure from sex and its process – we, men, put sex in the priority of our lives.

Of course, this applies to those men who want to get real pleasure and tempt women with their male talents.

It just so happened that not all men have powerful ejaculation that can cause admiration or, at least, suit our sexual partners.

Women perceive male ejaculation as an epilogue of a sexual act. If this ending ends with the release of a couple of drops from your penis, this can speak of you as a very modest partner for sex, much worse, questioning your satisfaction with your partner’s sexual caresses.

Those. weak ejaculation is essentially a fiasco, a failure of your sexual act, an indicator of your weakness or dissatisfaction. Also, weak ejaculation makes the orgasm short, as its duration depends on the sperm you secrete. All this time you can have fun. You can read our sperm volume pills review here.

Does Semenax Work? My review/results(Before/After pictures)

Semenax is a well-known dietary supplement on the market, which is now used not only by porn stars but also by ordinary men who are unsatisfied with the weak ejaculation that can hardly be noticed.

Porn films create a trend for powerful cumshots. Women watch porn, although less than men. What turns them on? Of course, everyone has different tastes, but a handsome, pumped up man with a large penis and powerful ejaculation is the sight that excites women.

Semenax Facts

Semenax is a natural product, a dietary supplement that includes many natural extracts that contribute to the formation of a large amount of sperm in your body.

That’s right – to create it you need a sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins. Semenax increases your fertility and, at the same time, enhances ejaculation. You produce more sperm in the body.

Certain functions are responsible for this; all sperm material must be generated from your own, as they say, stocks. But many elements, such as zinc, enter the body in insufficient quantities. If it is not enough in the body, then there will also be little sperm.

Naturally, zinc enters the body through food, but in its natural form, we eat foods with very modest zinc content. There is enough zinc in the Semenax formula to enhance your ejaculation at times. Click here to get more facts about Semenax.

Low semen ejaculation reasons

So, the main problem with the amount of sperm in the body can be called a lack of trace elements. You can enhance your natural sperm production with Semenax. But this will not be enough for a permanent result.

Your bad habits, stress, health problems, sleep, nutrition, lack of exercise, and problems with the nervous system are superimposed and can cause problems with your potency.

Semenax doesn’t just have a targeted effect on creating additional sperm. It would be best if you looked at the basis of the problem – your health, followed by potency, and already as a result – the amount of sperm secreted.

At the genetic level, sperm is needed to fertilize the uterus to continue offspring. Therefore, many microelements are used for its production. Each sperm carries a potential charge for conceiving a baby.

How does Semenax work to improve semen count? My Results

If you have a weak potency or have problems of a sexual nature, for example, a weak erection, premature ejaculation, you become unprepared to produce offspring.

It is inherent – you must be strong and healthy so your children can be healthy. Therefore, a weak erection and insufficient sperm are a consequences of your lifestyle, which must be changed.

In tandem with these changes, Semenax pills will support you with the right set of vitamins and minerals to strengthen potency and enhance ejaculation. Semenax does work and provides fast results.

Semenax is not just another product for potency. It contains a very strict set of extracts that help to produce more sperm. The volume can grow by 5 times, and this in a few months.

This formula is tested, certified, and has been on the market for over 10 years. Confidence, positive reviews, natural composition, and many benefits make Semenax a # 1 dietary supplement for enhancing sperm.

Men note a quick result, a visible result, an effective action that can be very long if you start to change your diet, make it more dietary, and include fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, and seafood. This is where the strength lies, but with just the right meal, you won’t achieve swift sexual results.

What is Semenax Made from?

Everything works in complex and athletes, men who want to increase testosterone, or other hormones in the body, take dietary supplements. Synthesized natural herbs work efficiently and quickly, their composition determines the effect of the product. Therefore, Semenax has no equal in the market, since a well-known laboratory developed the formula and a medical company with the name sells it.

What is in the composition of Semenax pills? How is it so strong and how is it different from ordinary pills to enhance potency? So, in the formula there are 17 ingredients that completely restore your erectile function if it is impaired.

Semenax Ingredients

Agree, why do you need more sperm, if you can’t even have sex for some time. Everything is connected and this connection is direct. Semenax works great in terms of enhancing ejaculation, in parallel, the product enhances your sexual desire, stimulates your sexual stamina and erection strength.

Butea Superba

This is a very strong aphrodisiac, which is known to Thais for its properties for many hundreds of years. This extract has a very complex effect on male sexual power. This applies to erection and ejaculation.

Catuaba bark

Now let’s move to Brazil, where this herb is known for its effects on male erections. It should be noted that Catuaba Bark is very effective in enhancing the sensations of sex and ejaculation. You feel a rush of blood to the penis and increased ejaculation.


People noticed that goats eating this grass breed better. Then people started to work on it and for many years they have been using it to create powerful additives for male power.

The main task is to relax the blood vessels on the penis to unlock the penis for powerful blood flow. Those. your penis can stretch much more if the vessels are relaxed and the penis becomes more elastic.

In this way, an erection becomes stronger and other possibilities are enhanced, such as control over ejaculation and the additional amount of sperm that you can ejaculate.

L- arginine NSC

L – arginine is any extract for manufacturers of dietary supplements for men. It stimulates the creation of sperm, which creates an additional volume of sperm. When the sperm is less mobile, it is produced very little, the whole secret is in the activation of sperm, which leads to the creation of more sperm.

L- carnitine

This is another activator of sperm motility. With this amino acid, you can see the result precisely in the amount of sperm that is produced by your body.


This South American antioxidant effectively boosts male libido and provides an extra boost of energy for your erection. After research, it became clear that Maca has a special effect on male libido, all sexual functions are enhanced and you are filled with sexual energy. More sex pleasure through powerful ejaculation – it’s all about the Maca.

Pine bark extract

It helps a lot with erectile dysfunction. Promotes the production of nitric oxide, which is responsible for the quality of the erection and the amount of sperm.


It helps to fix problems with potency and affects all the sexual functions of men.

Vitamin E

The main cause of erection problems is a low concentration of vitamin E in the blood. Semenax provides a daily intake of vitamin E, you only need to take one capsule per day.


It is its content that is reflected in the hormone Testosterone in your blood. He is responsible for male potency and all sexual functions. Zinc cannot be synthesized in the body, so the only way you can get it is to eat a product that contains it. And the best way to saturate your body with it is to take Semenax, containing the right amount.

Perhaps these are the main ingredients that I want to say about.

How to take Semenax pills?

You can take a few capsules per day, and you don’t need a doctor’s prescription, all the ingredients are natural, and taking the pill does not cause side effects. This is just a natural complex of extracts that can positively affect your erection and sperm production.


How to deal with weak ejaculation

No man would ever refuse the possibility of having powerful ejaculations because this is an incredible sexual experience that can fill him with new emotions, sensations and strength.

But today, many of us see our weak ejaculation and wonder what can be done to increase it and if the change is even possible.

Psychologists say that male sexual fantasies with women must be realized for a man to feel his significance and strength for a satisfying sexual life.

Men want to be dominant, displaying their sexuality and masculine strength. Unfortunately, weak ejaculation nullifies all our sexual desires.

Why is the power of ejaculation so important in sex?

The longer you ejaculate, the more pleasure you feel. This is because your ejaculation represents you as a strong lover that appeals to the primary instincts of a sexual partner.

This review will allow you to learn more about the product’s effectiveness. We will compare Semenax with another well-known product, Volume Pills, and show you why Semenax is effective.

What is Semenax?

Brief review:

  • Success rate – 93%
  • Ingredients: Swedish Flower Pollen, L-Arginine HCL, L-Lysine, Epimedium Sagittatum, Butea Superba, L-Carnitine
  • Price: 1 month supply – $59.95, 3 month – 154.95, 6 month – $289.95, 12 month – $399.95.
  • Money-back – 67 days
  • Manufacturer: Leading Edge Health
  • Official site:

For newbies, it should be stated that this formula was created specifically to increase ejaculation. As such, we are not talking about fertility. But only about the process of stimulating the production of semen and its quantity.

Semenax uses important natural extracts in its composition to achieve this. They are directly aimed at sleeping spermatozoa, activating their activity, and producing new spermatozoa.

How does the formula work?

  • It increases the amount of fluid in the prostate gland
  • It improves the production of the urethral gland
  • It encourages established and seminal liquid vesicles

Moreover, such a complex effect practically guarantees an increase in the volume even in the first months of taking the supplement. But for the effect to be maximized and fixed for a long time, the recommended course is 12 months.

You just need to take one to two tablets daily and follow this review’s recommendations.

Visit to learn more about the product

What exactly is the result of the Semenax action?

  1. You can improve your sperm count gradually and sequentially. But the first effect is typically noticeable after one month.
  2. After taking the supplement, men experience stronger orgasms, both emotionally and physically.
  3. More prolonged orgasmic contractions enhance pleasure.
  4. Semenax positively affects your potency, libido, sexual desire, and duration of intercourse.

There are 5 good reasons to buy Semenax:

  1. This is the quality of the product itself and its naturalness. It can be bought directly from the official website with a money-back guarantee.
  2. Semenax has undergone clinical trials. The results have been publicly documented, and the product has proven to be effective for most men who participated in the tests.
  3. It is a well-known and proven formula.
  4. Semenax is safe and natural, and the manufacturer guarantees its effectiveness.
  5. This pill has a complex effect on male sexual functions, restores an erection, stimulates semen production, enhances desire, and is responsible for a firm erection. Semenax is the only product you need for your sexual health.

Click here to order Semenax at the official site

Questions that might bother potential customers

  • How effective is Semenax?

Semenax does not help everyone, it produces results even after the first month of taking pills.

In fact, all the ingredients in this supplement work to improve men’s sexual functions, and such a complex can be effective for everyone.

  • Are there any adverse effects?

Side effects are possible in case of an overdose or an allergy to one of the components. However, most men are completely safe since the product can be purchased without a prescription.

  • When can I expect the first results?

Within 30 days, many men notice positive changes from using the supplement. This is a brief period from the beginning of the intake until the increase in the volume of your ejaculation.

But the effect will be minimal at first; it takes three to four months for you to see changes in your sexual health and another four to six months for the result to be truly substantial.

  • Is it enough to take supplements?

Of course not. You must understand the connection between minimal problems with sperm amount and larger issues with potency.

It is the most direct, so the Semenax formula contains both aphrodisiacs and libido and testosterone stimulants.

Keep in mind that you will not achieve the result if:

  • You are living an unhealthy lifestyle
  • You do not exercise
  • You refuse to eliminate bad habits
  • You have chronic health problems
  • You have problems with stress

In addition to all this, you need to take care of the health of your testicles:

  1. Skinny jeans shouldn’t be worn often
  2. It is not recommended to squeeze the testicles while sitting in uncomfortable clothes
  3. Avoid exposing the testicles to heated seats or excessive heating
  • How does Semenax affect your sex life?

Like the size of the penis, the strength of the erection, and the ability to control ejaculation, the volume of sperm plays an essential role in sex.

For many men, if not all, powerful ejaculation is a source of confidence, a chance to let go of complexes, and an opportunity to unwind. Thus, Semenax is an essential sex product.

Where and how to buy Semenax

The supplement is available on various marketplaces today, but the official website is the most accurate and profitable place to purchase it. The manufacturer sells Semenax and offers the best options, so why overpay?

Additionally, on the product’s website, you’ll find various bonuses in the form of global free shipping (in the case of purchasing a three-month subscription) as well as discounts and bonuses.

Further, when buying from, you are guaranteed to receive an original product, reassuring because there are many fakes on the Internet.

I would note the 67-day money-back guarantee as the main bargaining chip for the order from the official website.

There is also the speed of processing and delivering the order in the right packaging and the secure payment on the manufacturer’s website.

Supplements are not always available for purchase directly from the website of the company that produces them.

Semenax competitors to keep an eye out for

We’re talking about Volume Pills, manufactured by the same company but have a unique ingredient composition targeting sexual health.

Despite all the advantages of Volume Pills as a product that increases sperm and improves the erection, I would advise you to purchase Semenax. It was created specifically to have a complex effect on sperm production.


Semenax is recommended for men who want to improve their sex life. An increase in semen count, even by two times, is already a good step towards change.

This will improve your sexual health, enhance your emotions, and relieve your complexes. As a result, you will become a more desirable man. Therefore, Semenax is a justified investment in your sex life.

Get Semenax at the best price possible

Dr. Allan Skyler

Dr. Allan Skyler

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