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SizeGenetics Is the Best Penis Enlargement Device

Many men often experience feelings of discomfort and self-doubt, which negatively impacts the quality of their sex life.


Such emotions can be caused by a variety of factors, both psychological and physical. The most common reasons behind these feelings are penis sizepenis curvature, and erectile dysfunction.

If you’re one of these men, you have to find a way to fix the situation as quickly as possible; otherwise, it can lead to depression, frustration, and the absence of orgasm.

To date, there are several effective ways to increase the size of the reproductive organ and normalize the body’s sexual functions.

The most effective method of penis enlargement and getting rid of curvature is the use of the SizeGenetics device. Customers report significant results in penis size according to their forum reviews. You can check out Before and After pictures.

This safe and effective device works on the principle of stretching cavernous tissues. Blood flow is activated to the cellular structures of the penis, strengthening the erection and gradually increasing the penis by 25% in size.

The SizeGenetics technology has helped to normalize the sexual life of thousands of men across the globe. It provides fast and permanent results according to customer reviews and before and after pictures.

How Does the SizeGenetics Extender Work?

SizeGenetics is a patented penis enlargement technology that has been used for more than ten years. The user must study the manufacturer’s instructions in detail in order to use the extender correctly.

To stretch cavernous fabrics, the manufacturer used durable metal rods that provide the maximum tension levels.

In addition to the main fixation, you can also use a belt at the base and head of the penis.

Thanks to this, the user can be sure of the reliable attachment of the expander, as well as its safe action, which excludes trauma to the flesh.

SizeGenetics Clinical Research and Results

SizeGenetics is a patented penis extender that has medical approval.

Quality certificates were issued by an independent clinical commission that confirmed the device underwent a series of clinical and laboratory studies. These documents are the main proof that the device works.

There was a clinical study that involved a group of men aged 25 to 60. During the allotted time period, the subjects wore the device according to the recommendations of specialists. Out of the 100 men tested, 99 were able to achieve a positive penis enlargement result.

The only person who was dissatisfied with the penis extender did not use the device correctly and ignored the recommendations regarding the duration of daily use.

Most experts in the field of urology and sexology tell their patients to use SizeGenetics. The main purpose of this penis traction device is to stimulate the growth of the penis and get rid of the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease.

SizeGenetics Customer Reviews and Results(Before/After)

We urge all potential users to study the list of results that can be obtained in the process of proper SizeGenetics usage:

Normalization of all aspects of sexual function

A man gets a stronger and longer erection, which most directly affects the duration of sexual intercourse. Increases libido and endurance, one hundred helps to experience more vivid sensations during intimate intimacy. Premature ejaculation symptoms gradually disappear, while the volume of sperm increases several times. Many men argue that using the SizeGenetics extender has a positive effect on their reproductive function.[/su_spoiler]

Penis enlargement

The penis becomes larger in length and width. Visual changes contribute to more active sexual activity.

Aligning the penis curvature, getting rid of the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease

The penis curvature can be innate and acquired, but regardless of this, the term becomes even, which has a positive effect on a more powerful and strong erection.

Improved confidence and self-esteem

Along with all the above results, a man becomes psychologically and emotionally resistant to various kinds of external stimuli. This is due to self-confidence and in their sexual capabilities.

Most men wonder how long they need to use SizeGenetics to get results. Everything is individual in this aspect and depends on the physiological and genetic characteristics of the user.

However, on average, the first visual changes become noticeable after 30-60 days of operation. Moreover, to achieve all of the above results, the patient must undergo a full course of treatment for a period of 6 to 8 months.

After such a long interaction, the user can expect that the results will last for 12 to 24 months.

SizeGenetics Benefits(Reddit Reviews)


As mentioned earlier, there are many different extenders available on the market, and they all vary from one another.

Denote the number of advantages that distinguish the SizeGenetics device from competitive products:

  • Design features. This factor is reflected in the comfortable use of the device. The extender is not noticeable under clothing, does not hinder movement, and does not cause discomfort in the process of wearing; therefore, the penis traction device is most comfortable to use in the daytime.
  • Affordable price.
  • The manufacturer uses high-quality medical materials–plastic, metal, and rubber–in the process of developing the extender. Because of this, negative adverse reactions in the form of allergies, irritations, or rashes are practically impossible.
  • Ease of use. You only need to perform a few simple steps to fix the device onto the penis.
  • The results appear quickly.
  • Multiple clinical studies have shown that the use of this extender has a minimal number of contraindications.

SizeGenetics Packages Review

For the customers’ convenience, the SizeGenetics manufacturer has released several packages that are distinguished by their bundle. The more items included in the package, the higher its cost.

If the patient wants to save money on the purchase of high-quality expansion equipment, then he should opt for a standard package, in which there are no spare parts.

Quick Note
However, if the client’s budget is not limited, then the best option would be to choose a full set of SizeGenetics, which includes spare fixing belts, metal rods, video instructions, and antiseptic.

How To Use SizeGenetics for Best Results

Before fixing the SizeGenetics extender on the penis, the user must disinfect the surface with special antiseptic wipes. The same action must be performed at the end of the operation.

Next, the man inserts the penis into the main ring and pulls it over the entire base of the metal expansion rods, where the head is fixed at the end.

To ensure maximum strength and to protect the penis from mechanical damage and injury, the user must additionally use a fixing strap.

The manufacturer strongly recommends using the device in the daytime, when the level of sensitivity of the organ is normal.

The duration of the daily wearing of the SizeGenetics device, on average, is 6–10 hours. A man should wear an extender for 6–7 hours in the first month of operation, gradually increasing the time range.

Customer Pictures


We want to tell all potential consumers that the official manufacturer offers the most favorable and safe conditions of purchase. Accordingly,  to buy an original, patented, effective, and safe product, it is best to buy from the official website of the manufacturer .

The average price of the SizeGenetics device is from $70 to $120, where the main factor in pricing is bundling equipment.

The client can find excellent discounts and promotional offers on the official SizeGenetics website, allowing a good budget to be saved.

SizeGenetics Questions & Answers

Here are some of the questions one might ask when choosing an extender:

How effective and safe is SizeGenetics?

The effectiveness and safety of SizeGenetics have been repeatedly tested in clinical trials. This fact is evidenced by certificates of quality, the contents of which can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Is there a chance of adverse reactions?

The likelihood of adverse reactions occurs only when the user does not adhere to the recommendations of the developer.

How do I choose the right package to get best results?

SizeGenetics packages are helpful and informative. If the client has additional questions, he can always direct them to managers or consultants from the online store.

If you want to become a sexually strong, attractive and hardy man, then place an order at the official SizeGenetics website.

When heredity is not a sentence: SizeGenetics results

If you have been told so far that all men in your family have a small penis and nothing can be done about it, and life was poisoned by self-doubt and the modest size of the penis, now this problem can be solved by a simple method without the need to see a doctor. With time-tested SizeGenetics, penis enlargement has become safe and painless.

1 ) How to use SizeGenetics? Step by step

Towards the Goal: Four Steps to Using SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is based on the principle of traction therapy, which is used in dentistry and surgery. Therefore, the extender refers to orthopedic devices that are capable of stimulating the growth of an organ in length by its action. In order not to harm yourself and achieve the desired result with SizeGenetics, you need to go through several stages.

Stage 1: measurements

Penis measurements are a no less important stage of use than training time or fitting devices. They must be produced in order to simplify the adjustment of the length of the rods and save time. Knowing the length of the penis, you will precisely determine the length and number of additional extenders.

To measure the length of the penis:

  • take measurements on a non-erected organ;
  • position the ruler so that it rests slightly on the pubic bone, being exactly in the center of the penis;
  • do not stretch the foreskin (if any), it is better to position it so that it does not interfere with accurately determining the size.

Stage 2: assembly

After you have purchased the device, you must assemble it. For this:

  • remove the device from the box;
  • install the rod rods on the thrust ring. Hand screws should be located at a distance of 1 mm from the edge of the thrust ring. They must be tightened by hand so that they begin to abut the ring and it would be difficult to unscrew them by hand. Even if the extender appears to be pre-mounted in your package, fitting cannot be avoided anyway;
  • then use a set of extension cords to set the required length, focus on the measurements of the penis, increasing them by 1 cm. That is, if the length of the penis is 12 cm, then the length of the rods should be at least 13 cm;
  • take a loop or a strap (the choice may depend on the size of the head, a wide strap is optimal for a pike, a more comfortable modification for a mushroom – a loop) and thread both ends through a plastic bed. If you use the strap, then the arrow depicted on it should look up in the direction from you. In this case, it is necessary to adjust the length so that there is enough space for the penis to pass through them to put on the extender ;
  • fasten the plastic bed with a loop on the rods. Your SizeGenetics is ready to use.

Stage 3: setup

At this stage, it is important to set the tension force correctly. This is done using special notched nuts. This is necessary in order to begin stretching the penis beyond its original length. This is achieved by rotating both nuts inward towards the structure.

According to the marks, the tension force is distributed as follows:

  • 1 mark – 2800 g;
  • 2 mark – 2000 g;
  • 3 mark – 1200 g.

Do not rhinestone rise to the first mark. Focus on your own feelings. The main thing is that you should feel the effect of the extender, but do not feel pain. The best start is with a minimum load of 900 g or even 600 g with a sequential increase.

Stage 4: training time

The maximum time that can be devoted to using the extender is 9 hours. Of course, I would always like to quickly achieve the desired result, but in this case, the rush is not the best assistant.

It is very important to create such conditions that the extender activates the physiological response of the body to the action of the device but does not cause pain. Therefore, consistently increase the training time, combining them with an increase in tension. It is optimal to start from 1-2 hours on the first day and bring to the full 6 hours of using the device until the end of the first week.

2) Results: 1,2,3,4,5,6 month (to paint approximately) – penis enlargement, improved erection

If everything is done correctly: report on the results

It is important for the user to monitor the results(Look at my Before and After pictures). This will make it possible to assess the correct distribution of the load and the time of use of the extender. Generalized changes based on measurement diaries that are typical for using an extender by a man with an initial size of an un-erect penis of 7 cm:

  • 1 month – the time of use from 1 hour to 3, – measurement result – 7.5 cm, in a percentage ratio – 7%, erectile function – the duration of sexual intercourse increased, the erection became stable;
  • 2 months – the time of use is from 3 to 6 hours, the measurement result is 7.9 cm, in the percentage ratio – 13%, erectile function – the duration of sexual intercourse has increased by 14%, the erection is stable;
  • 3 months – the time of use is 6 hours, the measurement result is 8.2 cm, in a percentage ratio – 16%, erectile function – the duration of sexual intercourse has increased by 25%, the erection is stable throughout the entire act;
  • 4 months – the time of use is from 6 hours, the measurement result is 8.4 cm, in a percentage ratio – 19%, erectile function – the erection is stable during the whole act;
  • 5 months – the use time is 6 hours, the measurement result is 8.7 cm, in a percentage ratio – 24%, erectile function – the erection is stable throughout the whole act;
  • 6 months – the usage time is 6 hours, the measurement result is 9.1 cm, in the percentage ratio – 29%, erectile function – – the duration of sexual intercourse has increased by 36%, the erection is stable throughout the entire act.

These data correspond to the average man. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pinpoint the exact numbers for each user. This is due to the fact that the efficiency of traction therapy technology is influenced not only by the discipline of the user but also by the lifestyle, health status, diet, and level of physical activity. A course towards a healthy lifestyle will provide better results.

3) Reviews on forums and Reddit from the 3rd person

SizeGenetics: User Opinion

Someone was able to overcome the psychological problems associated with the modest size of the penis, and for some, the extender was real salvation, which allowed them to get rid of problems in their sexual lives. Numerous positive reviews in men’s and specialized forums are direct evidence of the effectiveness of SizeGenetics.

Tom: until recently, he was distrustful of constructions of this kind, considering them to be an ordinary marketing ploy. When at the end of the eighth week he measured the result and saw the first inch – there was no limit to delight.

Phil: switched to using SizeGenetics with a strap model, which caused the man discomfort from compression. Believes that the loop extender is more comfortable to use. His personal record is 1.3 inches in 12 weeks.

Andy: I’m ready to share with each of my experiences since he believes that men should stop suffering silently and trust SizeGenetics since comfort and effectiveness in treating Peyronie’s disease is 100% true. It took him only 4 months to get rid of the hated curvature.

Sam: considers SizeGenetics the best of all that he had a chance to try, as this is the only model that did not cause pain. Its result is 2.1 inches in 6 months.

Ervin: only regrets that he did not start training with SizeGenetics before. The video instruction helped him to properly configure the device. For 4 months, he managed not only to equalize the congenital curvature but also to increase the length of 1.5 inches.

4) How to wear a device to make it comfortable

SizeGenetics: Three Steps to Comfort

For modification, the Perfect Grip System was developed, which involves 16 different combinations of using the device and special gaskets for maximum comfort. The basic combination involves the use of a rubber strap. But you need to start with the correct location and fixing of the device on the organ.

Step one: put on correctly

On the assembled device, pay attention to the snap ring. On one side there is a flattened protrusion on it. One of the common mistakes when putting on the extender is to position it when putting on the penis. In this case, wearing the device will cause discomfort. When putting SizeGenetics on the penis, this protrusion should be under the penis.

Step Two: Optional Accessories

To reduce the contact of the device with the skin and the comfort of its use, you can use the following combinations of additional accessories that are included with the extender :

  • strap + pad made of flexible polyurethane foam – the softness of the pad allows you to reduce the strap pressure on the penis, it is important – do not put the strap on the foreskin;
  • strap + tape No-Slip Protech – the tape prevents the strap from slipping due to the double texture with the surface of the fabric base;
  • silicone loop + gasket made of flexible polyurethane foam – the gasket softens the pressure of the silicone loop, but you need the skill to properly position the mount;
  • silicone loop + elastic polyurethane foam gasket + No-Slip Protech tape is the most optimal combination to wear, as the narrow loop does not injure the foreskin and has a smaller pressure surface, but does not slip off the penis thanks to the tape.

Step Three: Wear Time

From the moment you can withstand the use of SizeGenetics for more than 2 hours, try to take breaks and lightly massage your penis. The optimal range is rest from the extender every 2 hours. This way you can avoid unpleasant symptoms such as bruising and loss of sensation.

5) How to configure the device? (level of tension, rods)

Accuracy matters: understanding the settings

The user’s task is to configure the extender so that it creates tension in erectile tissues, but does not cause injuries.

Bar length

First of all, you need to deal with the length of the rods. To do this, the kit has a set of extension cords, the combination of which will provide an accurate fit. To get started, use the formula “the length of an un-erect penis + 1 cm.” Then in the process of use, you will understand that it needs to be increased. For this, 6 short extension cords are included.

Pull force

After the device is mounted on the penis, on the pull rods at the base of the device, it is necessary to scroll the adjustment nuts with notches inward.

Use your thumb and forefinger to complete this action. You can follow the marks on the bars, but more importantly – not the amount of effort, but your own feelings. It is necessary to increase the force of influence so that the feeling of tension does not cause pain. Turn nuts until you feel a slight tingling sensation in stretched fabrics. This will be your threshold of sensitivity at the initial stage.

As a rule, this corresponds to a traction force of 600-900 g. Afterward, you will increase the tension force daily, following the previous steps, moving to the upper mark in 2800. It is impossible to say exactly what load will suit a particular user since this depends on health factors, endurance, and threshold of sensitivity.

6) How does penis traction work to get results?

Traction therapy: physiology in action

The method of traction therapy is used not only in andrology. The installation of bracket systems for aligning the dentition in dentistry and bone-building in surgery is based on the same principle.

The essence of the method is in the physiological response of the body to the stress experienced in the form of tension. When cells of the tissues of the human body experience an effect on the breaking of bonds between them. The body activates the growth of a new layer of cells to compensate for tension.

Therefore, the use of devices whose action is based on this physiological feature is irreversible.

The same applies to penis traction technology. Stretched tissue of the penis under the influence of the extender, activate the processes in the cells to build a new layer. Since tension is created over the entire surface of the penis, respectively, in each area there is an active creation of new layers. Which, in turn, provides an increase in the length of the organ with an irreversible effect.

The same technology is in demand in surgery during rehabilitation after surgery to enlarge or correct the penis. It has been proven that the use of an extender, in particular SizeGenetics, promotes rapid recovery and prevents the formation of postoperative scars.

7) Straightening the penis using Peyronie’s Edition. Results Overview

Penis Curvature Correction – SizeGenetics Features

Penile curvature can be a consequence of both congenital pathology and acquired – the development of Peyronie’s disease.


To determine whether your curvature is natural or is it a consequence of the disease, you need to probe the penis along the trunk with simple movements. If the surface and the inside are uniform to the touch. But the angle of inclination exists, then this is the natural curvature.

In the case of disease along the trunk, one can feel fibrous plaques – heterogeneous seals, the growth of which causes the curvature of the penis.

Operating principle

With the help of an extender, you can effectively correct the curvature. To do this, the extended packages include special rotary washers, with which you can adjust the rotation angle to 180 degrees. Fixing the extender using the force of counteraction of the angle of curvature of the penis and wearing it for 6-9 hours will provide a reliable result in correcting the curvature.

When the stretching at the bend reaches the force that activates the division of the cells of erectile tissues, then a new layer forms at this place. It compensates for the angle of inclination and provides a leveling effect.

Results Overview

The rate of onset of the therapeutic effect depends on the angle of inclination and the duration of the disease. The less curvature, the faster recovery will come. On average, the first changes are visually recorded by users at the end of 4 weeks, when the time of use reaches a constant level – up to 6 hours.

In the first 3-4 months, you can reduce the angle of inclination to 46%. In addition, users note a decrease in pain during an erection (which is characteristic of Peyronie’s disease ) and stability of an erection, as well as increased sexual stamina.

8) FDA Approved

Confirmed Safety: FDA Report

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has officially approved the use of SizeGenetics as a medical orthopedic device in the United States. This evidence is not just a safety certificate, but also a recognition of the effectiveness of a device that has undergone repeated clinical trials and testing, which are necessary for certification.

According to the FDA, SizeGenetics is allowed to be sold in the United States with the appropriate marking “orthopedic urological device for aligning and increasing the length of the penis,” the use of which is not associated with a risk to health and life.

9) Real customer reviews published on the site

The reality of results: reviews on the official website

On the official SizeGenetics website, you can find real user reviews that have documented the positive effect of using the device. In addition to a text message about the enthusiasm and the results, you can see photos taken by users in the format “before and after.”

Men of different ages indicate that on average they were able to achieve an increase in the length of the penis from 1.3 to 1.8 inches in 3-4 months. At the same time, everyone notes a significant improvement in the erection and activation of sexual life.

10) Guaranteed result or refund


SizeGenetics is not just penile orthopedics. This is a time-tested extender that has established itself as an effective tool for solving men’s problems.

If you are still in doubt, the manufacturer assumes a guarantee for the return of funds, if it turns out that the use of the device did not bring any results.

All you need for this:

1) purchase SizeGenetics on the official website and save the packaging and purchase confirmation (located in the delivery package);

2) take a picture of the penis before starting workouts;

3) use the extender for at least 4 months, in the mode of 5 hours a day with an effort of at least 1200 g;

4) record the results and training mode (optimally in a special SizeGenetics application);

5) take a photo after, as confirmation of the absence of changes;

6) submit a return request by filling out the form on the site.

The manufacturer believes that you should have enough time to verify the effectiveness of the device. Therefore, applications for returns are accepted within 5 months and 30 days from the date of purchase.

11) Real before and after results

What should you expect from using SizeGenetics?

On the official website, users post their results from the application of SizeGenetics. They are direct evidence. Which clearly demonstrates the capabilities of the extender. In the “before and after” format, you can get acquainted with how SizeGenetics affects the organ during a certain training regimen, which is indicated in the description of the photo.

The average increase in length is 1.6 inches in 4 months. Each user notes significant erection improvements and partner satisfaction. If you wish, you can replenish this collection with your photo report, fully preserving anonymity.

12) Recommendations of doctors

Therapy with SizeGenetics: doctors’ recommendation

The developer device is Dr. J. Siana, MD – Danish surgeon. Specializing in reconstructive plastic. He not only invented and improved the SizeGenetics model but also actively uses it in his practice. In particular, in 3 clinics under his leadership, the extender is prescribed not only as an adjuvant for rehabilitation after phalloplasty but also as an independent method for the treatment of pathologies such as micropenis (from 4 cm), congenital curvature of the penis, Peyronie’s disease.

Also in the long-term practice of the surgeon and andrologist Dr. F. Knudsen, MD, at his Scanstad Kliniken clinic, patients are advised to use SizeGenetics as an alternative to surgery. This is especially true for those men for whom surgery is contraindicated due to medical indications.   

13) Frequently asked questions: when are the first results, do they stay forever, what if it doesn’t work, quality, use without a doctor’s recommendation

Features review: 5 topical issues

How much SizeGenetics should be worn to notice the first results

The first visual results are available at the end of 4 weeks. From the moment you stabilize the time of use up to 5-6 hours. But the most significant indicators are noted at 8 weeks – the length increases by 13% and the erection improves by 14%.

Are the results reversible?

No, the results are irreversible. If you want to return to the original result. That will need the help of a surgeon. Therefore, if you have no problems with the length of the penis, for the sake of simple interest it is better not to experiment.

What actions to take if no results

First, check out your training diary. It may happen that you do not use the extender enough time, often miss workouts, or use too small loads. If all of the above does not apply to you, you can return the extender following the return policy.

How good is SizeGenetics

The safety of the extender is approved by the FDA. It means. That in its manufacture materials that are safe for human life and health are used.

Can SizeGenetics be used without the advice of a doctor

To start using the extender, you do not need to go for a recipe first. If in the process there are questions or difficulties using the device, for the convenience of the user, there are instructions and a training film in the package. You can also always ask for help in an online chat on the site.

14) Conclusions about the results of using SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics – time-tested and recommended by experts

Those men who suffer:

  • from the fact that their penis is small;
  • from the pathology of micropenis (from 4 cm);
  • from congenital pathology of the curvature of the penis;
  • from Peyronie’s disease ;
  • from erectile dysfunction,

It is strongly recommended by leading andrologists that the SizeGenetics extender is used to fix these problems.

Its use can provide a length increase of 14% at the end of the 8th week of use. A complete set of accessories will allow you to choose the best combination for comfortable training.

Its traction capabilities of 2800 g will provide a quick and reliable result in penis enlargement, increased libido, and improved erectile function.

No need to worry that this is just a marketing ploy. If you are not convinced by real reviews and results, you still risk nothing. Having made a purchase on the official website, within 6 months you can issue a refund and get your money back if using SizeGenetics does not bring the expected effect.

Dr. Allan Skyler

Dr. Allan Skyler

Dr. Allan is a urologist in Los Angeles. He received his medical degree from Creighton University School of Medicine. Contact me

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