Best Increase Smen Volume Pills in 2022: Review and Comparison

Semenax is a sperm volume supplement designed for men that are looking to improve various aspects of their sexual health.

This product claims that the quality of your erections and the semen volume will improve.


#1. Semenax

Quick Facts:

Money back: 67-day
Success rate: 85%
Years on the market: 10+
Benefits: more ejaculate, better self-esteem, and sexual satisfaction, longer orgasm
Ingredients: Swedish Flower, L-Argentine HCL, L-Lysine, Epimedium Sagittatum, Butea Superba, L-Carnitine
First/max results: 14 days / 360 days
Prices: 1 month – $59.95,
3 months – $154.95 (save $85),
6 months – $289.95 (save $190),
1 year – 399.95 (save $559)
Manufacturer: Leading Edge Health
Side effects: absent
Shipping: FREE USA shipping, International Shipping Available(Standard/Express)
Official store:

What is Semenax?

Semenax helps men enhance their orgasm and ejaculation in a natural way. This is due to the active ingredients in the formula, which contribute to the enhancement of male functions.

The amount of sperm you eject is directly dependent on your sexual functions, potency, and many other factors. It is difficult to say what exactly is the cause of the problem.

Therefore, to solve it, an effective, natural, and proven method is to use these high-quality dietary supplements like Semenax.

Semenax Benefits

Semenax is a trusted product that has been used by millions of men for the following reasons:

  • It increases the number of your sperm by several times.
  • It helps to prolong orgasm 2-4 times longer.
  • Semenax increases ejaculation control, so you can have sex and finish when you want.
  • Orgasm after taking Semenax is much brighter, stronger, and more emotional.

Why Choose Semenax?

Among other products, Semenax stands out for its effectiveness and the absence of side effects. The product is produced in the United States by a well-known medical company.

You can familiarize yourself with the actual clinical trials of the formula on the website, as well as in independent medical sources.

Clinical fact
You will get the first results within a couple of weeks after taking the supplement, and after 2-3 months, the results will be truly impressive. 

Many men continue taking Semenax for up to one year to constantly improve the result and increase the amount of sperm.

Many porn studios in the US specifically order and prescribe Semenax to actors for more spectacular results in adult films.


#2. Volume Pills

Brief Facts:

Money back guarantee: 67-day
Success rate: 93%
Years on the market: 10+
Benefits: +500% of sperm, better erection, and stamina
Customers: 250 000
Ingredients: Drilizen, Soldilin, Ling Zhi, Hong Hua Fen, Rou Gui, Tian Men Dong, Xian Mao, Ku Gua
First/max results: 14 days / 360 days
Prices: 1 month – $65,
2 months – $110 (save $49),
3 months – $160 (save $79),
6 months – $250 (save $229), 
1 year  348.95 (save $610). Order now

Manufacturer: Leading Edge Health
Side effects: absent
Shipping: FREE USA shipping, International Shipping Available(Standard/Express)
Payment methods:  Credit Card, PayPal, Money Order
Official store:

What is Volume pills?

This pill contains many herbal ingredients that positively affect your sexual health and semen production in different ways.

You can purchase several packages of this semen enhancement product, and each kit comes with an extra gift. Volume Pills is a formula manufactured by a US company with almost two decades of experience. Click here to order

The supplement is made under strict guidelines for maintaining its top quality, and many health experts recommend it, which is another plus.

Customers claim that with Volume Pills, you can successfully increase your semen count and improve the intensity of your orgasms.

When it comes to the ingredients of Volume Pills, there are a few of them.

  • Solidin is a natural ingredient that has aphrodisiac properties. It also increases your penis sensitivity, so your sexual encounters will become more pleasurable and last longer. This ingredient also affects the brain neurotransmitters that are responsible for joy and pleasure.
  • Ku Gua is an Asian herb that improves your body’s ability to produce the male hormone testosterone naturally. Your sexual performance is directly influenced by the levels of testosterone in your body, so increased testosterone leads to increased desire for sex and improved libido.
  • Another component of Volume Pills is Tian Men Dong. It improves your sexual stamina and boosts your endurance and energy. It also provides you with stronger orgasms and enhances the quality of your ejaculate.

Customer Results

Quick note
Customers claim that Volume Pills have helped them to improve the sexual performance, sexual pleasure, as well as their sperm count.

Pros and Cons

Volume Pills formula comes with a fair share of advantages and some disadvantages.


  • Regarding benefits, Volume Pills will improve your erections by boosting the testosterone levels in your body.
  • The product can also increase your sexual desire, improve semen volume, and provide extra energy for sexual encounters. Click here to order.
  • Regarding the recommended dosage, you should take two pills per day a few hours before having sex. The recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded.
  • This formula is 100% herbal and safe to use. It’s well known for more than 10 years and it’s formulated by a reputable company Leading Edge Health.
  • This product is certified and you’ve got 67 days to make sure it’s working or get the money back with no questions asked.


  • This product is a bit expensive
  • Volume Pills should not be used by men under the age of 18
  • This product will be shipped from the USA only
The biggest benefits of Volume Pills will come if you use it regularly for at least two months; however, short-term benefits, like stronger erections, will be visible immediately after using the pills.

Where to Buy?

The best place to order this product is the official manufacturer’s website. Here’s why you can get the best deal:

  • There is a 67-day money-back guarantee
  • You can save up to $610 on your order
  • Free global shipping for 3-12 months supply
  • Free bonus cart worth $125
  • You get the lowest price possible
  • You order the genuine product

Order Volume Pills

#3. SpermoMax

Even though there are two clear market leaders in the category of sperm tablets, it is all about a product’s effectiveness, price, and trust.

To normalize men’s sexual functions, everything is connected: you cannot selectively take dietary supplements for potency growth, control over ejaculation, growth of sperm, or sexual endurance.

If you look closely at the composition of each of these tablets, you will see many similarities.

Spermomax offers in its composition natural plant extracts, which have a beneficial effect on the growth of sperm, while the effect is certainly complex:

  • The growth of libido and sexual desire
  • Increased endurance in sex
  • Thanks to special components, Spermomax enhances the production of sperm in the body, and it works faster than any other products

You do not need to complete the course for a whole year; take it for a maximum of 6 months. This is another absolute advantage of the Spermomax formula over its competitors.

#4. Maxatin

Abundant ejaculation is an indispensable characteristic of a good male lover, and this is due to porn movies that women watch.

Among other things, the male seed, the size of the penis, and a powerful erection are indispensable attributes for the excitation of a woman. It all works at the genetic level.

A woman subconsciously chooses a sexual partner that has masculine power. A lack of ejaculate can be your real problem in sex.

Unfortunately, not all men have enough ejaculation to impress their partner. If you want to surprise your lover with a good cum like from a porn movie, try Maxatin.

The amount of sperm in men can decrease due to a variety of reasons, such as poor lifestyle, excessive weight, fettering clothing, or postoperative rehabilitation.

Potency, ejaculate, premature ejaculation, and other sexual problems can and should be addressed. With a healthy amount of semen, everything is simpler.

Maxatin pills come recommended by doctors, are used by porn actors, and have no side effects. If you think all porn stars have naturally strong ejaculate, you are deeply mistaken.

Maxatin helps to strengthen ejaculation by five times in just a few months.

Forum reviews suggest that the formula works better if you lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise often.

#5. Maxocum

This formula, on par with those that we have described in this article, provides a fairly powerful and long-lasting effect. An insufficient amount of sperm is a problem that can be solved in a completely natural way.

The Maxocum supplement acts not only on the growth of the ejaculate but also on potency and the size of the erect penis.

That’s right, the natural extracts in this formula have long worked on the growth of male potency and libido.

It is impossible to simply increase the amount of sperm secreted; you can only restore your sexual health and achieve new results in matters of male potency.

It is a proven fact that Maxocum effectively enhances your sexual functions. The tablets have been around for ten years, are used by porn actors, and buyers share their impressions on the forums and on Amazon.

But the best place to buy Maxocum is on the official website. It is cheaper, and the official distributor gives a guarantee of results with a money-back guarantee. Here is a link to the official website.

Possible Side Effects

The positive thing regarding sperm enhancement pills is that you should not experience any negative side effects, although some men may face mild allergies to some of the herbs used in this product.

However, those reactions are infrequent, if any, so you have nothing to worry about.

How To Get More Ejaculate and Increase Your Erection

In conclusion, we can say that regular usage of sperm volume pills will significantly improve your reproductive health and sex life.

You will get firmer and stronger erections, and you will increase your overall sexual energy. All of that will lead to more self-confidence, so in general, you should experience numerous benefits from taking Semenax.

The great thing is that sperm boosters do not contain artificial ingredients and are all-natural, safe products to use.

Unlike some other supplements on the market, Semenax does not require a prescription. This product has also gone through clinical research and has shown positive results for its effectiveness on men’s health.

Buy Semenax

This is the ideal product for men looking to improve their erections, stamina, libido, and overall sexual performance.

Semenax is made by a reputable company and recommended by professionals, so there is no reason not to try it.

There are plenty of increase semen volume pills on the market, but Volume Pills have shown proven results. Plenty of positive testimonials from satisfied men are proof of that, so you can gain a lot if you choose this product.

It is up to you which product you want to use to improve your sexual health, but you will not make a mistake if you choose Volume Pills.

Discover more information about increased sperm volume pills on mayoclinic.

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